Apollo I.E. Apollo I.E. 03/14/2018 - 01:10am

Maybe we have already seen the Laferrari successor, or maybe a general idea of it

Anybody remember the ferrari patent found back in February of last year. Yeah, that is what i'm refering to. Most of us thought that it would be a Ferrari Laferrari one-off creation by Ferrari's Special Projects (SP) Division. They were published on the  European patent registry and was confirmed that they belong to Ferrari which applied for the patents on August 2016. We haven't heard any new information about it since then. I think they may have taken some of their new design ideas for the Laferrari successor and placed them on the Laferrari since the design was in it's preliminary stages. I know I'm actually completely wrong though since Ferrari actually have a full scale model of this car at the "Galleria Ferrari" (Ferrari Gallery) at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. There is still the possibility that Ferrari will go back to this design and base the Laferrari Successor off this (I would love to see that happen). Although, if it is in fact a one-off Laferrari, then some rich person probably saw the concept at the gallery, thought "Hey, I would like for that to be my actual car", called Ferrari to convert his or her Laferrari to this, had it made, and kept the final prouduct in secret from the world just like a different rich dude did with the Ferrari SP Arya which came out before the F12. It looked like an extreme F12, but was really based off a 599 GTO. It probably heavily inspired the F12 (hopefully the same with the laferrari successor and this concept).

Ferrari Concept

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  • forakzai
    1 week ago 0 P-Nos Points
    i really hope Ferrari knocks this one out of the park
    • Apollo I.E.
      1 week ago 0 P-Nos Points
      Yeah, I can't wait to see how it looks. Also, with the possibility of having what basically is a bomb for an engine, it would probably be taking the biggest leap in technology of any Ferrari EVER, HANDS DOWN. Also, don't forget the possibility of hybridization along with the bomb engine.