2 Important things

1. These will be ready to go Monday for everyone at Galpin right next to their ford dealership!!!!!!!!! 2. LIT QA PEOPLE!!!! Please leave your question for farghini or myself below! Love u dudes!!!

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Still can't get over the Harlequin!

Do you have in mind coming to Spain in the near future? It could be amazing to meet al the Spanish Papirrines you have here. Thanks for being such a role model

Will you ever have a raffle NOT a give away a raffle for something dope like a Guurrilla watch? That way you make your money but it cost us way less to possibly get a watch I love how it looks .!.!. hope you know maybe even farrghini wouldn’t win. Honestly it would be super cool . Plus the extra can go to the TATA foundation for a little spoiling.

Are we going to see the ultimate battle of the current best Supercars? AKA AMG GTR Performante 720S and maybe throw in a 488 and/or a Ford GT to see how it does?

What is your dream goal? You’ve been working your ass of for a long time. I know you’ve got got long and short term goals but We all have dream goals that seem almost unattainable. What is yours?

Spin on marry fuck or kill. Buy one rent one scrap one. Project 1 Valkyrie Senna.....GO!

How's life man? How are the animals? What do you think of this new music like Post Malone? What is your favorite food? \n \nP.S. \n You guys are the best people I've had the pleasure of watching thank you very much for that!

How's life man? How are the animals? What do you think of this new music like Post Malone? What is your favorite food? \n \nP.S. \n You guys are the best people I've had the pleasure of watching thank you very much for that!

did you forget about me? Uovo misses you </3

Gold Rush X?

Did you Pay cash for the hellcat or is it a lease?

Do people around LA see you as a celebrity now? Or you’re not at that point yet?

Hello folks \n \nPlease stay rocking the car scene as you have been doing it. Are you planing to do something like Galpin lease plan in Mexico City? \n \nI bought my membership PRO for Salomdrin 6 months ago before you launched something similar in Salómondo. As you can imagine I do not have access for promos in USA .

I purchased a pro membership through the app and it’s not working and also i don’t have access to the pro content from the website

Why don't we get to see RDB anymore?

What car you want to buy but you cant afford

What car you want to buy but you cant afford

Can you give us some advice on how os the way to lease a vehicle at a dealership son que lis pinches vendedores te cojan son saliba... ahí porfa mi ale nos serviría mucho a los que queremos un carro perro sin tener que pagar mucho

if you were to buy each other one car that they could never sell and must drive what would it be and why? cost isnt a factor and neither is year.

Can we host a car meet and take over Malibu? possibly go on snake too?

Do you still want a chiron ? When is the gt2rs coming ?

Are you still in touch with all the guys you did HyperFive with?

What country according to you has the best car production? (US Italy GB Germany France?) \n \nIf your garage had to be composed of only one "car nationality" what country would you choose?

update on the radio live show?

If you could have only 3 cars what would they be?

If you could choose another place in the world where to live what would it be?

What would alejandro do if he had farghinis height?

What would alejandro do if he had farghinis height?

You should all come up to DirtFish in Seattle and do some rally driving.

Will your affiliate sites be upgrading to the new layout as well? i.e. Damon Parker?

Will your affiliate sites be upgrading to the new layout as well? i.e. Damon Parker?

Are you planning to release new snapbacks anytime soon?

this is a test from big daddy j-dangle

Of all the vehicles Ale's owned which one had the best motor ?

If the state California sinks into the pacific and the show how to be relocated what state?

Aloha! I don’t remember clearly but I think you did praise the golf as a great classic. I recently purchased a used one (06 gti manual) and it is a spectacular drivers car. Please visit El Paso or Hawaii! Love watching you guys. Always bring a smile to my face. and my wife always points out that you resemble her funny Mexican coworker :D

Did you manage to get PTS for your GT2RS?

Are you still partnered with Evan Paul?

Ever thought of a UberMondrin site where you pick up people at LAX? Asking because I'm going to be visiting LA in July and would rather be driven to my destination in Farghini or Gulf Raptor vs a smelly Hyundai Sonata. Pro-Member benefit maybe?

is this the finished product?

If Danny can come through would you upgrade your Wraith to the Limited Edition Adamas Black Badge?

more news on the lambo SVJ?

Would you consider getting a Focus RS for the rental fleet?

i mean without guys of course

Are you making some Euro trip in this year ???

i m here from almost the Hellgato days.. i know what happend between you david and jcartu and other those rich dudes.. but i m really curious to know what had happen between you stickercity ghostandstuff goldenjew and other cupgang member.. i know you are not interested in sharing it as you want to avoid the negativity but really looking forward for your answer....

What will be the next giveaway car?

How about documenting farghini going through a driving/track school/course? I'd love to see him learn to keep up with Alejandro or at least give him a run for his money on the track stuff you guys do. Not to mention fourshad may get to skip the crash on the street that will come for sure if ya don't....

Distillate vapes or good ol' bud? \n \nEver considered buying or building a pro-tourer (old school car new school running gear and engine)? The thought of a 60's 280 SE with a tuned 4.0L twin turbo kind of appeals to me. \n \nBusiness ideas or ventures you've considered or pursued that "died on the vine" and what did you take away from the experience? \n \nOh yeah....You need another Clownshoe!! ;-)

this is for farshad I give you s*** all the time and have been giving you s*** and will continue to give you s*** because I'm a crusty old white guy and I just love to pick on you big guy... you are a fun person and you have good ideas oh very good ideas keep up the good work and I'll keep on twisting :-)

What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned?

Would you start your own legal weed business? High end canabis!

any plans to participate in any rallies this year. corsa or gold rush? if so which car would you drive

nice haven't' tried the Blue Maui yet... recently I've been using Sour Diesel in the morning and Granddaddy Purple at night

He'll go to TJ ha!

I currently start my days off with Lemon Drop (good morning lift with a spicy kick) and then finish with Blue Maui (great old-time fruity finish that wont totally put you to sleep) - lol

Your first commercial RE deal (was it your break-out deal)... how much was the property and how much did you have to put down ($ &/or %) vs what you put in and did you do the deal solo through an LLC of thru a partnership? I get the whole [distressed property -> bridge-loan -> improve -> take value -> leverage property -> rent/hold -> sell/1031] concept (Im pretty sure)... Looking forward to doing my first commercial deal.

Restaurant Pro Member Grand Opening... where n when?!?

Puku Adult line update (Tata hats??)

the last lit QA was hilarious- you were so fucked up lol

in the near future is there any plan of a fan meet up or car meet? would love to meet you guys

Is there a near-future electric sedan that you would consider buying? For example an S class rolls Bentley etc.

whould you ever buy the Lexus LFA nurburgring if you where given the opportunity.

With all the rave reviews coming out on the Lamborghini Urus will you buy one now?

New garage update and new cars that are coming soon and what's leaving \n \nactualizacion del garaje y nuevos autos que vienen pronto y lo que se van

Are you going to Monterey Car Week this year? \n \nWhere is the best place for carspotting in SoCal? \n \nBigger screw up by Ford on new Bronco: not full-size or no removable top? \n \nWhat will be the last car company to offer a V-12 in a production vehicle? \n \nBewbs or butt?

update on the rolls Raptor and when will you be getting the GT2 RS

Do you think the first electric Ferrari will be a flop because none of its base will want it or will it sell like hot cakes because it will be fast af?

Update on the pool car???

whould you ever consider opening your own dispensary?(weed shop)

They already are on it! Look up Porsche & therefore VW's (IOTA) involvement: \n \n● Record traffic data over the Blockchain in direct communication with other vehicles. \n \n● Lock/unlock your car way faster and much more secure thanks to a Blockchain-powered direct offline connection (no server connection involved) \n \n● Grant somebody else temporary access to your Porsche even if you’re nowhere near. \n \n● Receive real-time notifications about who/when/where accessed your Porsche. \n \n● Get your mail packages securely delivered directly inside the trunk of your parked car. \n \n● Enjoy the unhackable safety of a fully decentralized Blockchain implementation. \nAdditionally Porsche itself gains direct benefits on the basis of data access including: \n \n● An increased trust in vehicle data entirely audited and usable for reports certificates and especially the access of local data for predictive maintenance and autonomous driving. \n \n● An increased security for vehicle software sued for flexible access transactions and secure update opportunities. \n \n● The XAIN Blockchain as a distributed lightweight and trusted “app store” for fast integrations of third party software such as from DHL. \n \n● An increased customer trust while meeting GDPR compliance requirements for data usage. \n \n● The potential training of distributed machine learning to achieve better local models for autonomous driving as a knowledge transfer platform with efficiency and privacy gains compared to sending large amounts of data

Does Belen have some connections to find you your shoes and is she taking requests ? \n \nBut seriously what’s up with those puku bags?

What are some ways that car companies will use blockchain technology?

VF engineering supercharger on the performante?

How much longer do you guys think the manual transmission will exist?

My question is: What is your thought on the situation when Vik took the subtle jab in one of their vlogs a while back talking about how you don't need 30 days for paint to dry in the California sun I saw this as a clear reference to the Carrera but found it funny that it was that same sun that Vik claimed caused the Carrera's wrap to peel on the side mirrors right? Just thought it was funny. \nAlso when moon Alejandro? You need to do a flex hard crypto video with the Reventon ;) \n \nCheers and I love everyone involved with Salomondrin & Salomundo !

Hello fellow pro member and crypto fan! I've been working on a website to provide resources tools insight and guidance to the wonderful resources that already exist. \nCryptocurr3ncy.org also @Cryptocurr3ncy on Instagram! Check it out :) Peace and love to all <3

Let's say your friend wants to buy a Mercedes AMG GT-C roadster 50 edition for 2 years and then get rid of it. Would you recommend him to buy it or finance/lease it if he wants to lose as little money as possible. Can you reply under this comment and not on vid if you will ever see this. Thanks ^^

Mining in general is not as poriftable anymore or "worth it" for the average person unless you look into spec mining etc. @Notsofast on Twitter is the well accepted "expert" on mining in the crypto community. I would appreciate the support from fellow pro members in checking out my website I've been working on! Cryptocurr3ncy.org . Cheers to everyone

How lit do you have to get before the Harlequin Golf starts to look like 1 color?

If you had to drop 1 channel which one would it be? Salomondrin or Salomundo?

when can we expect to to see a new hypercar on the channel and did heard about the new Bugatti special edition they pulled a lamborghini movie ? ? ? ? ?

What did Vic say?

Tell us a secret that you have been keeping on the DL but are getting close to announcing/showing the viewers.

What other cars are you planning on adding to the rental fleet? A Giulia QV maybe? :D

Fellow crypto nerd here. Can't wait to see what yall have in store for me... and hints?

Would you guys do a private fan meet up for a birthday?

whats up with RDB Vic called you out last week with his M3 your followers were under the impression that you bought that ? ???

for Farshad is it true that if you dont use it you lose it?

will you ever come to chicago ?

will you ever come to chicago ?

What happened to Ivan's car that RDB was turning into a bathtub?

I don't think this will get answered but I'll ask anyway lol... What's your favorite strain?

if you were offerd the new Ford GT how much would you be willing to spend?

Now that you guys have gotten into and love off roading with trucks. Can you ever see yourself possibly doing like rally type dirt fun with a WRX STI EVO or even a focus RS since you guys are partnered with galpin ?

when you first started getting into the sports car / exotics world how did you purchase you cars cash or finance? any advice?

what cars and or brands do you guys not like ?( besides bmw)

ORIGINAL QUESTION: \n \n \n \nIf you were able to choose the only vehicle your biggest enemy was allowed to drive what would it be??? \n \n \nSomething annoying impractical and an absolute NIGHTMARE!!!

oh well you can’t say that and then drool over every other foreign as they do on the daily

why dont u never buy cars from tuners like brabus novitec shelby etc.?

it's only cause we love u

FARSHAD what are you going to do with your first million dollars?

it's only cause we love u

Any meet ups in Sacramento Ca?

Any meet ups in Sacramento Ca?

(warm up) Out of all the businesses that you ever worked on which one brought you the most amount of money? movies real estate...

PRO...PRO... imagine u have been given a successful business in a field/area u have always wanted in but never got into what is this field and why would this be ur choice

PRO...PRO... imagine u have been given a successful business in a field/area u have always wanted in but never got into what is this field and why would this be ur choice

WHY BLACK WHEELS? They should be multicolored in my opinion.

when is the next trip to thermal?

when is the next trip to thermal?

Will you guys consider geting in touch with the guys from VF Engineering and drive the HyperCharged Performante would love to see and hear your feedback from it THINK Parker has Niks number on speed dial. Also love the Golf!!!

I was so surprised when they opened them! they're the exact wheels I have on my car

Will y'all be at SEMA this year?

When can we see any updates on the RAPTOR BUILD!!!

I'll be there and I'll race you with the moped

Hey Guys! After seeing Avi get his car done in the Senna Marlboro livery im obsessed with the idea of getting a race car livery on my car! Alejandro would you consider getting one of your cars done in a favourite type of livery? This Days of Thunder mellow yellow car is what i would get!! (Do you think i could get the sponsors to pay for it ??)

Please post the last lit QA

Do you mine crypto as well as purchase it* Was wondering if that's worth your time (or mine). You said you like investing in businesses that are already profitable so I wanna know you're opinion on this!

When you go to england for goodwood how about you visit the people that own the REVENTON! If they can afford to just leave a car like that with you then they must have some other pretty cars back home!

What other vehicles would you like to add to your rental fleet in the future?

how old do you have to be to rent a car?

What other vehicles would you like to add to your rental fleet in the future?

Buddy loves anything "American" for ' MERICUH purposes

Will you plan another trip to europe when you'll go to goodwood? Nurburgring? (I can get you a place and take around in Athens Greece if you want haha)

Always son!

dang! that's a lot of questions! :P

Will you modify any on your cars? I know that they are wrapped but thats about it. What about something like a huge wing on the AMG GT R and some crazy wheels and a louder exhaust! make it one of a kind and badass!!! You did it with your first car the HELLGATO thats what brought me to your channel so why not give it another go!


I was looking for electric bicycles and totally forgot you had Rimac’s Greyp bikes. Do you still have one and are they for sale in U.S? also how long does that battery even last?

Do you mine crypto as well as purse it?

(Warm up) if some one gave you $2 000 000 and said you could only buy a car with that money what car would you buy.

What's up with the Scion hot tub project car ?

Haha now I need more explanation

SLK OR AUDI TT? *No the slk is not red ?You need to experience the new tt rs or at least a tt s for sure

Leave Tommy alone... His wheels are nice \n \n???

What in your opinion will be the main impact the car markets move toward a subscription system will have on the used car market?

are you going to meet with DDE (daily driven exotics) you posted a picture of you with him a few months ago but it wasnt in the vlog it was just a picture on the website. you should check out his VF supercharged huracan all modified with a huge wing! Hopefully give you some ideas on modifying your cars

When is your guys next Car show/ Greet and meet at GAS??

Buddy has allergies towards Japanese cars.

what do you think about the new Lexus LS 500 f sport and would you ever consider a Lexus for yourself?

There should be a PNOS brew beer.

1000000% this

Also thoughts on Ford sropping sales of sedans in North America? No more Fusion Focus Fiesta or CMax. Only car they will sell is the Mustang. Everything on their lots will be Trucks Suv's and CUVs now

will you guys be modifying them like exhaust work or Tommy’s wheels?

what do you guys have against Mazda? You seem to avoid them whenever you are at Galpin.

How come people like Manny Khoshbin can say whatever they want about their upcoming Project One but others can't?

what are the most common maketing mistakes companies do on social media? and what should someone looking to grow their social media marketing try and do?

this is so cool to see evolving. question: seeing as you guys are working this hard and always have a plethora of new things going on I can imagine how ridiculously busy you all are. that said any travel plans in mind for this year? maybe a little road trip bumping some gods plan or nice for what lol. also what do you and farghini think of this new music? P.S I feel like buddy likes country music and Ivan likes to rage how far off am I ? lol

Any plans for to come down to Houston Tx ?

how many cars you going to have in total for your rental fleet?

how many cars you going to have in total for your rental fleet?

What are your thoughts on Ferrari using the sound from the GT3 RS 4.0 for their GTC4 Lusso T website page? Post about it is on my profile

Coming soon!

Not selling it

what is Galpin saying about the GT500? any updates looking at securing an allocation myself.

Love the GTI I think that it came out amazing. But why not the Golf R?

Yep. I'll order two please..

What are thoughts on the Maybac SUV?

The channel is called SVIPE he already made it like a year ago

if you had a budget of 100k for a vehicle (new or used) what car would it be and why?

Here we go to those wondering ..

First one to rent gets one of these? Haha

What happend to you getting Viks M3?

What do you think about companies like dodge ford and chevy coming out for car with supercar level horsepower for more than half the price? I.E. the hellcat gt500 and ZL1

what happened to baby squirrel #2 also any tips for small time investments while youre still in school?

???? phone call??????

If you had a budget of 100k what car (new

Make sure to Harlequin your Chiron when you get it... Harlequin GTI + Harlequin Chiron = perfection \n \n??

I love the stinger color!!! \nWhen are you getting back to the svipe channel? I've been missing out those videos so much!!!

Are you planning on making Puku pals gonublic and offer shares? And if no why?

have you ever considered making a separate channel/instagram for strictly life lessons and ideas? I love when you explain some business aspect or mindset and stuff like that.

warmup question: if you were in high school right now what car would you want (anything)

I’m loving this!

how much are they to rent and do you have to be 21+?


Special edition Harlequin SVIPE hats please ??

how do you rent these? link or phone call or what?

Are you sure?
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