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BMW’s Recalls Most New M5s Over Faulty Fuel Pumps, Issues Stop-Sale Order

Most of the recall notices we see are, naturally, for mainstream models. Case in point, BMW’s latest recall. If that’s not working, the engine will obviously not fire, thus BMW is recalling 846 units which are affected to address the issue.

The problem has been isolated to vehicles built from August 21, 2017 (when M5 production commenced) until April 17, 2018. So if you’re lucky enough to have an M5 in your driveway, it’s very likely to belong to the ones included in the recall. In the meantime, BMW has issued a stop-sale order to dealers for those units affected, in parallel to issuing the recall notice.

Along with the M5, BMW has also announced the recall of certain 335d diesel sedans from the 2010-11 model years. The problem here is with the electrical power steering system, which could cause the vehicle to stall.

All told, this recall is estimated to affect 6,591 vehicles in the United States.



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damn... just when the built a truly epic car, something like this has to happen :/

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