Deciding if I should buy the Rolls-Royce Cullinan | PODCAST VIDEO - LTACY EP211

What's up my sexy mofos!? The podcast is back. There was a lot to discuss, so here's what we argued about: - Picking our fave celebrities perfect car - What's happening with my SVJ!? - Why was Buddy threatened by Rolls Royce?! - I finally got my hands on a Lamborghini Urus! - This Bugatti is on the verge of appreciation - And this SUV is on the verge of depreciation - Will Ford benefit or suffer from limited quantities - The car I'm most embarrassed about is finally disappearing! - Will the Detroit Auto Show survive now that 3 German car makers are out? - Farghini's Good News, Bad News! Enjoy!

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Please put this on Apple podcast!!!!!!

Cant get this on Itunes? What happened?

Where’s the iTune podcast?

I'm waiting for it also. since I enjoy listening to the podcast. omw to work.

The back of the cullinan looks like a Range Rover

Aleh she has already bought one since the beginning of last year bro ??‍♂️

Why is this not posted on iTunes?

Hey ale Cardi has an Orange Bentayga

Wey no mames Ale todos hablando de la Cardi B y nadie dice que el carro de celebridad perfecto siempre es un Lamborghini sea la Urus o el Aventador we la neta esos de a huevo que quedan con una celebridad. \nPor cierto la Cardi B no vale caca :P

when r y’all gonna release the Audi for the podcast?

Back in the days when "Punked" run on MTV Justin had an battered Cadillac Escalade.

Whats wrong with the sound after 19mn ???

China is the worlds seconds largest economy in the after the United States. The amount of people living in that country is staggering. They need to establish a presence in order to capture what will potentially be the world's largest economy at some point in the future. People are productive...

I hate Cardi B she is just a horrible person... \nTalks about getting a tranny to rape a guy uses the N word and consistantly homophobic I am amazed she is still a thing!

Cardi B actually really wants an Urus she said it in an Ellen interview. “I want the Lamborghini truck”

i cant hear or start hte podcast there s no button?

you’re phone is on silent...change it and it’ll play ??❤️

audio got all fucked at like 19 mins

every time I try and watch a video on this app the sound never works I can’t believe I’m the only one with this problem

Cardi B does have a Benteaga but is actually orange! Nice guess Ale!

Get your tech guys to fix your site and app so I can get my subscription canceled. And answer to people email. Dont do your fans dirty like that man. Dont make us have to call our bank and all to have payments to you canceled. It makes you look bad as a creator and business.

Ali!!! So with all the talk of the Lambo doing so well and Porsche/Audi advancing their EV program do you see VLKAY going up? Rodrigo Weigh in? Also can you have SVIPE about the stock market as to the discussion of cars? Such as Tesla as to Panasonic who is the better investment at this point.

Ali!!! So with all the talk of the Lambo doing so well and Porsche/Audi advancing their EV program do you see VLKAY going up? Rodrigo Weigh in? Also can you have SVIPE about the stock market as to the discussion of cars? Such as Tesla as to Panasonic who is the better investment at this point. Personally I think Panasonic. Great show boys!

Please please please fix the website. The spam is annoying or give us the power to delete again. Its slow glitchy and the layout is sub-par. Please i feel like the website is the heart of the SVIP experience.

Does anybody know how to check their weekly P-NOS points now? I can't find it anywhere.

You are not Ricky Bobby just because you say with all due respect doesn't make it ok lol

Sound is gone 20 mins in :(

Veyron is a great car but don't think it's price will get too high.. 450 built compared to the 106 f1s at 20 Mill a pop.

ewww cardi b fucking hell wtf

guys... Im going trough all your videos from vey begining and just wanted to tell you that that evolution is one of a hell great adventure :) keep going please. And I wanted to say hello from Slovakia you do have a lot of fans here :) wish you all the best..!!!

cardi b owns a bentayga

When I first saw the Cullinan one of the angles in the video had it looking like a London taxi. Also that thing will almost never see dirt in its life. Lastly were you able to change your wife’s mind to get the Urus over the new G Wagon?

I can't believe you're into the crypto hype dude....none of them are a business making a profit. People are only making money bc the next guy decides a crypto is worth more money than the previous guy (typical novices who know zero about investing in the markets). We've never associated high value or worth to checks and money orders other safe ways of transferring funds so why would we apply astronomical values to cryptos?

It's ok I've heard that awkward in between phases happen to lots of guys...??

he was stop on. Cardi B does drive a bentayga LOL

one of the two photos behind Fargini’s head is not straight/ level. and it’s been driving me crazy the last few podcasts at your place. pls fix it lol.

I used to run Tajima(4 head) and ZSK (4 head and 2 single head hat machines)embroidery machines and any knowledgeable shop should know how to set up a hat machine to do sequential numbers. At the very worst you would do 2 runs 1 run having "of 800" and the second run placed and setup to run the sequential numbers option within the machine. Hope that helps Love the content fellas!

lol dude cardi b has a bentayga

Cardi b actually does have a Bentley SUV LOL

I'm in love with the Urus.

After experience the 560Hp RS 7 with that same engine with Urus I dont know how fast it feels with 650HP. (Number just didnt mean anything with that engine it is purely crazy)

The Cullinan is just down right fugly. It will still sell and for good money but one of the ugliest SUV's built.

Justin Timberlake Eddie Murphy and Carly Who the Fuck are you guy joking????????????

always try to watch these videos but this App crashes more than Mustangs at car meets.

The Detroit auto show used to be HUGE... I grew up going every year as a kid it was amazing; D town is coming back for sure tho just too slow- its sad what corruption can do to a great city. It could easily be the "new silicon valley." the LA auto show SUCKS compared to what the Detroit Auto Show was...

Btw until proven otherwise the fastest SUV on the Ring is still the Stelvio QV which I hope you'll be able to try sooner or later! :D

cardi b said she’s getting the Lamborghini “Truck”

what happened to the audio after minute 19?

senna and project one update?

keep the longs coming brotha! It's why we're all here in the first place and it's what attracts the ma$$e$ - views baby crack that content whip Ale.

where else can I watch this thing


Buy the Urus instead of the Cullinan

already multiple GT2rs's in Chicago they look dope !

Drive a manual M2 pls!

I know what you guys saw. Whitesse Jr. posted a video before it was taken down. The vehicle was never shown but it was a private event for a manufacturer with some very nice million dollar cars that were not the main event. He stated though this would be a very controversial car. After seeing your smirks it must be pretty fucking awesome!

get rid of the ghost and get the culligan

She actually has a bentayga already. Its an orange one

I say stick with the classy ghost and for exquisite offroading you got your Raptor coming

rip audio lol

what's with the random high pass audio sound lmao

the roof windshield is too high it is should have been 2 to 3 inches lower and the body makes it look like a London taxi. It is mis proportioned.

The Pnos points make it sound like Buddy is gonna nuke Salt Lake City :P hahaha

Why no itunes podcast ?

I wonder if Alejandro knows that Cardi B already had a Bentayga before this episode.... he nailed that one. ?

The Cullinan can be an amazing camera car with an one-off setup in the back :b

Rolls Royce Cullinan \n ____________ \n OR \n___________ \nLamborghini Urus

cant even see the video

Anybody else having audio isssues with the drop in quality when they started talking about the Cullinan?

the sound if fucked up starting around 20 mins :(

the sound if fuck up around 20mins :/

Hey guys i dont know if its because im from the uk but i cant see any video.

Overall the RR Cullinan surprised me i like more the lines then i supposed it was to be. And that red.... beautiful. The perfect car to substitue your Ghost.

Buddy is on point with the Cullinan. Way less exciting than a Bentayga. And actually a Bentayga looks better to me.

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