Dodge just forced me to get rid of my car! VIDEO PODCAST - LTACY EP216

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! In this week's irregular programming of an unprofessional podcast, we discuss:

2:32 - What makes the perfect 2 car garage?
6:44 - There's a new KING OF THE RING!
11:57 - Mclaren unveiled a car with rocket powered downforce!?
19:32 - Is the Tesla Roadster the perfect car to buy?
29:21 - Lamborghini has a secret car coming, and I have the inside scoop!
40:18 - Pagani down!!!
48:26 - Hyundai to take over FCA!? REALLY???
50:30 - I'm so pissed at Dodge right now!
57:18 - Farghini's Good News, Bad News!


You can also listen to the podcast here:

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I like smart Parker better than V V Porker. Strange.

Something about the LT was very special

I agree with Buddy the MSO was retarded fire and I was shocked you sold it, with that being said I also love the 720.

lol the churro cupcake is starting drama😅 sounds amazing

lemon lacriox is my jam

what is up with that candle? is that supposed to be Parker dressed up as Jesus.

This video was awesome. I also really like the collaboration with Parker as your resident engineering/science guy. Plus I also enjoyed how you guy's would respond to his answer with out knowing what it would be. I would love to see more of this type of small collab with parker and other youtuber's in a natural none scripted way.

What about the Toyota hypercar Gazoo Super Sport

finally after such a long time some actual automotive content with no bullshit! really enjoyed today's podcast! please carry this theme throughout the week and show us some good content

I agree with you guys on the Dodge wide body. I was going to place my order for a Hellcat widebody in octane red in Nov but I really didn't want the hellcat motor and cost so now I'm going to get a scat pack with the WB and save myself $25K.

The Project 1 doesn't have the downforce to do a silly lap on the ring. The Senna has 200kg ish more downforce and not much slower. Senna would be faster, the Valkyrie is the only car that could maybe, possibly go against that 919.

I guess I don’t get it because I haven’t experienced a 570, but why would you want a 600 when the 675lt exists? Won’t they be within 50k of each other at launch vs now depreciated?

Maybe i missed something but what is with the 'Jesus like candle' ? The 600LT is probably going to destroy the PERFORMANTE on a track, Next gen of V10's and V12's from Lamborghini would need Superchargers or Battery assist to keep up with the McLaren's, (Saying superchargers because they would not like to lose the sound from the engines. You eat that cupcake Buddy LIKE a ........................!

guh! wish crystals cakes was in monterey!

Hey Al...the 600LT still has the 3.8 liter V8 not the 4.0 from the 720s like you said. Also my local Mclaren dealer sent me ordering info...breaking news...there will also be a Spider version in the spring of 2019!

McLaren usually always releases the Spider a year after like they did with the 675LT

Chrysler makes a car with sliding doors, its called the Pacifica!

how do we get a Pro dog tag like what you are wearing Ale?

la croix is american made :)

Hyundai said they're not buying FCA

Love all your Podcasts!! This one had me lmoa all the way through great job!!!!

Am I the only one who called what buddy would say for the car's as soon as he mentioned the 2 car garage question?

Getting the Tesla roadster over any other $250k supercar whould be like dumping your supermodel girlfriend for a fleshlight. Who cares if it gets you there .5 seconds faster, it has no soul. I'd rather have something alive to enjoy...

You sir are my favorite

I like the Parker question in the podcast... whoever came up with that should be given a beer right now!

Buddy, I have never seen anyone eat a cupcake with a fork. It might just be because you're on film, but that shits weird haha!

He also stands up to wipe his hiney...

600LT is using the 3.8L from the 570S, not the 4.0L

Farghini, the type to livestream bullies on instagram.

Farghini the type of guy to get an F-Type SVR for the V6 driving experience hahahaa

The Q8RS is going to be absolutely wicked

Ale ! You complain about Dodge bringing out the Red Eye but you applaud McLaren for the exact same thing Dodge just did..... The packages have to trickle down for the masses... If you bought a Hellcat Widebody and you think you got screwed over by Dodge because they introduced a newly refreshed model and want to sell cars.. I think the Widebody Scat Pak is the perfect all around model for the masses it provides the extra traction from the wider tires and it is a little lighter also which helps in the handling department. Besides that excellent PodCast Guys !!!

from what i've seen, the 600 lt is under the 200k ( i think shmee tolked about it in his vid about it )

That is probably in pounds though right? So around 260-270k.

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