Drove Tom Brady's Aston!!!

What's going on you sexy mofos!?! Today's vlog was fun to say the least. Here's what happened: - I Made sure that the batteries in all my favorite sexy toys were charged - Farghini found an expensive artifact and ruined it with his oils! - and I finally got to feel like Tom Brady! #notdeflated Enjoy!!!

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this is still great

Thank god buddy goes into dad mode sometimes. You kids are comical. I love forghini but prefer him at like a level 6 or 7 then a 9.

Hey have you ever tried out driving a rs4 Alejandro ?

6:44 "Flat-six" M3. Whoa >.>

I'm not getting alerts for vids?? Thought I would check channel and some on..

Fargini will do anything for a joke ?. You're the man!

I would buy the Puku Owl in a mini

Ale what made you become a football fan?

am i the only who got his pro sub denied it’s says i am a regular user though i subbed a week ago

Lmao he guessed it I am armenian

Not ture nick foles beat brady did u not watch sb52

i wouldn't mind getting deep with his wife lol

Dude that Aston looks amazing outside those blues in the interior were great too

Dude I can't believe you're finally getting rid of the M3 I feel like you had it forever it barely started lol

why i dont get alerts when u upload? :(

Can you mofles explain why I'm still not getting my penis points after watching the pro videos? This is the second one it's getting fucking rather tiresome

hell yeah lets go new england and we beat the eagles before so not a big deal. We let you win since your the only one in your division who didnt have a ring.

That BMW key must be from one of your Rolls :b

Dude....I get that you were excited driving the M3 one last time but....FLAT six in the front? Something tells me that it's more like an inline 6 ;)

How come I can’t see the clip?

love the blue on the car

Get the Aston Ale its only 11 of them. Value

I'm so glad the "OK HERE WE GO" thing is back cause it's neat when it's said. OK.

Nike Foles from the Eagles also beats Tom Brady in the Super Bowl

Some times I wonder why you let Farghini out and about.......lord help you guys.. And btw .. Sweet ride for a douchebag brady..

I love Tom Brady in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane is one of my favourite super-villians.

there is nothing on this earth that sounds like an aston martin v12...its my lifes mission to buy a v12 vantage

pretty sure checkthetires was used befor

wow coupon expired after only 2 hours?! 0_0 \nimpressive

you seem to have forgotten that big dick nick foles beat brady

i would buy the aston just to wrap or paint it green....FLY EAGLES FLY

love the Aston ! all about the details.

I'm kind of digging the dark blue thing/theme on that Aston Martin. Good one!

AYEEEE new video

Ayyyyeeee finally a new video! :D

Drive a manual M2 pls

Also Ale I do believe that Nick Foles also beat Tom Brady #phillyphilly

P-Nos still not working. C'mon guys.... \n \nBut otherwise great vid. That Aston is amazing!

P-nos points are expired.

AAAYYYEEE new video ova eeeaaaaaaa ? ?

Give a RS4 away.. please please.. i want the chance to win one!!

pnos point doesnt work again

Was 4th. But anyone else's pnos point never work ?

Anyone else pnos point never work now?

How do your car giveaways work? Won't whoever wins have to pay tax on the car to get it?

Lambo SVJ?

Always 1st!

Are you sure?
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