What's up you sexy mofo's!?! Today's episode is an exceptionally fun one. Here's what happened: - Me and the boys went to GAS up for a big race - I gave Belen the full beans before her big launch - and the winner has finally been unveiled! Enjoy!!!

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1. the intro made me laugh because you just bought the car (well to us ) 2. farshad font 3. the second ale said "focus", they turned to mr and mrs salomondrin 4. imo gtr probably feels slower because its smoother, it was intended to be a street race car; the wagon is a wagon touched by amg so its a brute 5. im upset i didn't get a spitting amg 6. ale is the only content creator i consistently see with life lessons in his videos

Well, as a lot of people will always tell you it's about weight. if you have equal horsepower it's about weight we can also talk about the better driver and if we were going to really get down to it I would say that Ale was a better driver than farshad I might lose that bet, but I would take that bet $$$

Well, as a lot of people will always tell you it's about weight. if you have equal horsepower it's about weight we can also talk about the better driver and if we were going to really get down to it I would say that Ale was a better driver than farshad I might lose that bet, but I would take that bet $$$

Why your wagon doesn't have a badge of E63s AMG OR E63 AMG? Which one is yours?

I wish you would have shown Farshad with the models and how he acted LMAO

I wish you would have shown Farshad with the models and how he acted LMAO

That new watch kinda reminds me of the omega seamaster planet ocean phelps edition

hahah I would do the same thing to my wife if I had one and a amg lol.

You are way more brave than I am with the gas light haha I start sweating when it gets below 1/8 of a tank. Also, the wagon and the GTR have the exact same 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds which is insane.

Depending on how much space you had in front of the beetle you could of push started it. That probably would’nt of work because of that kill/start switch.

can belens friends come to next pro member meet? asking for a friend

fuck u never have fuel dude

Wagon, cuz I love it.

🎶 I love those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks... Belen is such a good sport and you guys are #relayshgoals. I was pretty sure the the GTR would win cause it's little and low to the ground, whereas the wagon has the aerodynamics of a brick. Don't they both have launch control? Maybe y'all need to find a place to really race them. I bet the results would get even more interesting if you went to the quarter mile. 🏎🔥

Why am I not able to watch this??

Damn I think that AMG is fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

the GTr is faster than the Huracan and the wagon is almost as fast as the GTr. So the wagon and the huracan are pretty much the same up to like 60-80

ALE you know your almost out of gas in a Benz when the blinking goes to the car telling you its on glide mode. Its terrifying

We need more of the model shoot

I'm sorry Ale, but that whole ending and Buddy's "hey isn't there a switch?" comment was awfully too convenient... I smell some TV-like scripting infiltrating my fav creators!! lol when you were coming to the realization about the switch, and spinning around but kept the camera pointed at your face is where I smelled it...

The way Farshad laughs completely contradicts your hypothesis lol

I appreciate you thinking I take the time to write anything ever! LOL

LOL every now and then you have to eat Dick ?! okay bro..I see you.

603 ho sorry

The E63 has 693 hp and the GT R 577. The gravity center of the wagon is much higher than GT R, so that’s why Buddy feels like the wagon is pushing more towards down. But anyway impressive. The sedan E63 is faster than GT R on quarter mile.

AWD BABY! I mean AMG!!!! lol great vlog guys loved it

Keep in mind that with AWD, (especially 4Matic+) the system can get bogged down with where to send the power between the front and read axles. Normally, at launch, you want a fairly even split between the front and rear to avoid wheel spin which gets you a faster time. Had you been using launch control on both cars, the E63 should beat the GTR off the line with the 4Matic+ and the new 9 Speed combo vs the GTR's 577hp and 7 Speed. -Guy who works for Mercedes.

stiffer suspension makes it feel less dramatic when accelerating since youre not jerking forward and back, is my guess


I died at the end Ahhahahahahahahahahahahah

In perfect testing conditions the E63S will always be faster to 60mph, then close at around 100mph and then the better hp to weight ratio of the GTR will push it ahead over 100mph.

Such a seamless intro for Fourshad 👌🏽😂 lol it was great. So hard for me not to talk shit on Crypto with the featured Crypto videos constantly on the side🤭🤫🤐😬

Guys, its called TORQUE. E63 S has 627ft-lbs, the GTR has over 100 less(516 ft-lbs). Also, the E63 S is AWD and the GTR is RWD so the big wagon should still have the advantage from a dig despite the huge weight difference. Come on, fellas. You need to act more like car guys and know your numbers. lol

If you want numbers go watch Parker.

Get Farshad's Jacket its own Instagram page

Slap on some Pilot Sport 4S on the GTR and call it a day.

hey do you guys think that because you sit so far back in the gtr that you don't feel as much torque response as the wagon?

If i owned a amg gtr and a wagon pulled up and smoked my ass i would be pissed lol!

Dad Wagons all the way.. I just bought an Audi Avant and man I love it. Please throw some wheels on the wagon and some good suspension to lower it. please please please.

That Gorilla Watch ad really was pretty damn cool. Also, I love how Belen is finally appearing in the Salomondrin videos! 👏🏽😃

BTW, the engines are not identical - the gtr one has smaller turbos and less torque/bhp.

Before race thoughts on this matchup: AMG GTR wins due to weight difference but E63S Wagon makes it close because of AWD. The AMG GTR is faster but doesn't feel faster because it was built to be a racing machine, so it feels a lot more refined, composed, calculated and subtle. Which sounds exactly how Mercedes as a brand would want their racecar for the streets to feel. On the other hand, I feel like the E63S Wagon feels faster simply because of the AWD and it wasn't built to be a racecar and when you combine the two, you get a more violent push that provides the perception that it is faster than the AMG GTR but it's really just the way a RWD system pushes you compared to an AWD system but in this application, the weight difference is what makes one car faster than the other.

Gear ratios spread also come into play... The GTR has a Seven Speed DCT and only has 577 hp at 6,250 rpm and Peak torque with a curb weight of 3,594 516 lb-ft at 1,900-5,500 rpm whereas the AMG E63 Wagon has a 603 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of peak torque, sustained from 2,500-4,500 rpm with a Curb weight of 4,669lbs. So the Wagon feels faster because of the shorter gearing of the 9 speed whereas the 7spd in the GTR has longer gearing even though the wagon has more power and better gearing it cannot make up the shear fact of it's weight disadvantage.

maybe it was a mistake typing the pnos points code in my google bar before opening a new tab so the video would not restart oh boy its going to be fun getting rid of those ads

Wagon because of AWD

Finally was women another than Farshai

Farshad's maniacal laugh is simply unnerving.

I didn't understand the RSI when you first picked it up but it's grown on me, all that Carbon...

Without laungh control that wagon will not move how kit shoud boys!!

marriage goals dude - i know what i'm gonna be looking for in a wife lol

A/C definitely impacts fuel economy on my R.

When are you coming to Sweden Ale? 😊

Valla deberías hacer más vídeos con tu esposa mi estimado saludos a ambos

Awesome finally a video with Belen

Second ...

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