EXCLUSIVE: What car should he buy!? VIDEO PODCAST - LTACY EP217

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! In this week's irregular programming of an unprofessional podcast, we discuss: :43 - Will this car get him everything he needs? 10:15 - The Alfa Romeo 4C is dead 14:10 - The new S-Class and why there are TOO MANY CARS!!! 29:27 - Lamborghini reportedly breaks Porsche's record at the ring, but is Aston Martin next!? 34:59 - Just claimed my allocation for the "mini" Valkyrie! 39:01 - Mclaren to unveil another legend at Goodwood? 46:04 - The VW Beetle lives!!!! 51:20 - Farghini's Good News, Bad News! Enjoy!!! You can also listen to the podcast here: https://aca.st/c0adc0

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Ale is so off with the Corvette. Old man's car. i8 is perfect for someone who wants a "sports car" but doesn't care about cars. First gen R8 might also fall right where he needs.

2018 corvette z06 have great deals on them at the moment, he can get an amazing deal

Acura NSX would be a great car to ball in. Looks great easy to drive. Even get EV parking and alot of dealers are sitting on then and have leases for 1500 or less

The 919 is the tribute evo version.It doesnt adhere to the WEC or any rulebook and thats why is faster than a F1 car right now. Btw the redbull guy is Adrian Newey, the engineering maestro who gave redbull and sebastian vettel their 4 world championships.I hope Mclaren take the Senna GTR to the ring.

You guys had the answer since the beginning. No care given to the engine, an F-Type V6S ...

tell us more about the bugatti divo Ale

The guys are right on the CEO thing.Best example is Elon musk.

I'd tell Farshad's friend to rent a car with that money bc he wants the fucking world for $1,500... what a greedy ass fool!

when are you going to try the new m5

Are the podcasts not being updated on Google Music anymore?

Aston Martin Vantage new/used or Rapide are the perfect cars for your friend.

Acura NSX it is a decent performer with stunning looks.

I was going to say NSX also my friend so I’m in complete agreement. It’s very under rated for sure. It is a super car. Fuck it’s a baby 918

For classy - mid level 911, for an angry car- zl1 1le or gt350r , flashy- i8.

Squatting on the monocoque url. Oh, my, KINKY. 😂

New vantage?

Looks like somebody already beat ya to the punch on the vintage electric beetles http://www.zelectricmotors.com/available/ #SVIPE

m850i well-specced should cover all bases


If he's selling homes, then a sportcar isn't going to be practical for driving customers around. I'll throw the Audi S8 into the mix. Big, fast, luxurious, and practical. Or, a 911 looks amazing in front of any home.

Can't you get a 911 for the price of a i8? Sporty, prestigious, beautiful, reliable...

farshad's friend should get a maserati grandturismo

That's a slippery slope of Instant Depreciation

I'm with you guys on the Cars for Farghini's friend, If fuel economy is important to him then the i8 if not let the man drive the LC500 that is a gentleman's car with some great looks and that 5.0 V8 sounds amazing, driving wise the LC500 is a better daily than the i8 from my experience.

If Farshad's friend wants to get the i8 my buddy Claude at Rusnak BMW can hook him up. Just say Tylar recommended referred you.

for farshad friend: get the acura nsx

If it were me I'd get the Lotus Evora 400 but a very "car guy" type of car.

Is that a Trojan Magnum on the YouTube award behind Alejandro?

What black guy left their magnum at the office😂

Tell your boy to get a C63

seriously... what is up with that condom?

We need more b roll fellas ,! =)

I think Farshad is physically incapable of not talking over everyone else during the podcast. Electric car design language is a necessity because the people who they appeal to are also the same crazy people who go vegan and insist on telling absolutely everyone how great they are for not eating animals. If it looked like a normal car they wouldn't stand outas being special, which is what the owners would want. Also, I think that cooter shooter real estate guy should get either an M6 or a Maserati Gran Turismo for cheap easy 'tang...

I get what you are saying about electric car design, but I think it's kind of a chicken or egg situation. I'm under the impression that if the design language changed, the target market would change with it. For the number of people who want to stand out in electric cars, there are just as many or more who want to go electric, but hate the styling differences.

this is the dumbest shit i've ever heard lol. maybe that logic applied 5 years ago but guess what homie tesla exists and they can't make enough cars, and none of them have that annoying ultraflourescent green/blues.

No, but Teslas still have kooky design elements (gullwing rear doors for instance) that ensure they draw attention.

No way I am 4th!!

Sorry if I'm a bearer of bad news but you're 7th LOL

Peep the condom lmao

Love your videos but I get the email about the latest pro member videos but can't watch them when I sign in....


Great pod! Very fun episode guys!

The answer is only one: FERRARI!!!

LOL I thought, seeing the thumbnail, that the title was referred to Buddy xD I'd say Giulia QV but you probably wouldn't reccomend it :D

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