Farshad's Rolls-Royce Dawn is HERE!!!

What's up you sexy mofos!? In today's episode: - I do a car tour of Belen's G-Wagon - Farshad starts his bid to become the Tamarindo King of Mexico - and we finally get to see the perfect floor spec Rolls-Royce! Enjoy!!!

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I love how foreign of a concept a full service 7/11 station is hahahah midwest has them all over

What a lovely floor spec. You can find a rolls like this at your nearest rolls royce dealer. Without mismatched interieur and exterior colours

Que onda salomundo nomas te queria pedir un parrito haha quiero vender camisetas. which I designed any tips and I just became a pro member so idk how all this really works lol but am I able to post stuff to like my designs here and everything? y nomas pa que sepas eres una verga wei y una inspirasion machin perro quiero ser como tu cuando sea grande! al chile hahahaha ojala algun dia te conosca en persona compa!

Farshad's spec is really nice! Could have made a funnier commercial

When is this video coming out for us true youtube subscribers that have been there since the beginning. :-p

When you get stuff for free, you can't demand much :) First my guys that took that extra step and believe in the content and what we are doing. And then you guys get it for free! EVERYONE WINS! Unless you feel like the universe owes you everything for free... if that's the case this is most likely the worst thing you've ever read.

lmao sorry man but salomondrin is right, no quiere unos tacitos tambien compilla haha

farrrrrrrrrghini i must admit that rolls is dope

Everyone is wrong :P hahahahahah damanit!

Everyone is wrong :P hahahahahah damanit!

WTF! I want that farshads dawn xD sry salo lol


I´m becoming a huge fan of these guys, thanks a lot for what you do. Greetings from Spain!

Best channel on YouTube real talk. So glad you guys are back. I know you had business to handle Ale so i was straight with y'all's absence. Keep up the grind my G.

soo happy you guys are back!

How do i use my p nos point? :/

Hi! You can redeem them by clicking on the "P-NOS POINT" link on the upper right part of the page and by typing the code in the "box" that will appear! :D

Your videos are like me on youtube you cant see them

OMG, That was funny as shit!! Glad you guys are back!! And BTW ,Great Spec Farshad!!

what?! it's a floor spec!!! :P

david is wondering what the fuck is happening in his dealership lmaooo

most likely lol lol

How come the subscription cancellation still doesn't work, honestly it feels shady man.

how about you just send them an email and ask them to cancel. you know there's website issues. foh..

it's super shady! I'm trying to keep all your 2.69. I'll cancel it for you ;)

That was the worst commercial ever hahahahahahah :D

Tortas look amazing!!!

and the Queso Fundido!!

FIRE!!! fire coming in... fire coming out too :P hahaha

I think I like Farshad's spec better? The fact that the interior is a different blue is kinda wonky but omg that blue paint is sooooo gorgeous. The Mulliner Bentley with the blue and orange was my favorite though. Cause I'm a Bentley bitch. 😂 Buddy killed it with the glamor shots as always; I watch y'alls videos on full screen and take screen shots so I can use his pics as wallpaper. 😍

that Bentley was sooooooo sick! I am sad I'm not a bentley guy

or should Buddy get all the credit?

Fourshad actually killed it


Loool, I loved Forshizzles commercial. I'd buy one of them if I could

'torta' in slovak language means 'cake', the mexican one looks sooo delicious too.. Excellent job on both commercials Buddy, Ale's is my favorite but Farghini's spec is more eye catching. These cars are like day and night and I would't be surprised if they end up in one garage :)

Weres that place at. I live in Laguna niguel ca

O'Gara Westlake in Thousandth Oaks.

Ayyy congrats to Danny!!

Rolls Royce.... Fuck Farshad

Sorry Farghini but I’m a lion with a moose dick! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

hahahaha you sir... ARE THE MAN!

Now thats what i call a proper land yacht , good job farghini

I gotta explain to everyone what FLOOR SPEC MEANS. :P

Where were u bitches , i had withdrawal

Damn I just realized how bad I was jonesing for videos after these two came out. Missed you ugly mofos!

"That's right you have a moose dick" that fuckin' commercial had me rolling!


PAPIRRRINNN!!!!! how is it going brother?! long time no talk!

my dude all good, just busy! hope all is well with you too! :D

Wtf is wrong with me. I like Farshad’s car and commercial better. " ALL HAIL THE TAMARINDO KING”


Even if its a different "blazer", honestly it just looks like Farhgini got a new jacket that all the cool kids already have and he's going to wear it till he gets made fun of. :)

LOL, I'll write it after I see it...

So did Farghini just upsell Ale's car?

Code is fixed! TYVM...

Invalid code??

Invalid PP code. WTF.

It worked for me :D

I was dying with both commercials 😂👍

I have to say I think I like Farshad's spec better 🖐❤️

Tengo que dárselo a Farshad en este, ¡realmente lo mató fuera del parque! ¡Definitivamente compraría este!

Su pene no función, pero es normal...

His spec is just so basic. Like Parker.... lolololol

I love it though!!

Love the wheels on farghinis spec!

Just arrived home from an exhausting day, but logging here and see there's a new video definitely improved my mood! :D

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