Ferrari fans are gonna be so jealous!!!!

Hello again from the wizarding world of the United Kingdom! In today's episode of Two Browns and a White Abroad: - I get profiled and stopped as a possible terrorist - Farghini feels smarter (not sure it - and Nick gives us a proper British car review. Enjoy!!!

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my grandfather still owns his 1955 190sl. first manual car i ever drove. its white with red interior. honestly best car in the world. the 55 also has many gullwing parts(seats etc.) original from factory the following years they changed it

I want to Go to England! I'm so jealous. Have an awesome time you tree dudes

Hale farghini, Farghini rules the waves.

Autos Perrisimos......!!!!

That last one minute was madness ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Boy that 5000qv in that spec. Ooooooo. 😘. Thank you for saving the best for the last. You should have one in your garage.

I'm really liking the idea of the Exclusive videos! also, that intro had me dead. Reminds me of the good old A C R review lol

That 190 SL is Gorgeous

"Is it because im Mexican" . I laughed so hard, thanks for recording that.

You were wrong when you said Cricket is only for white people sir I am from Texas and I know that much but then again I'm 60 years old tell farshad to buy a second jacket will you please for the love of God

these videos are never long enough!

"I don't want to touch anything" and then he proceeds with the Farghini touch of everything

By far the best intro I have ever seen.

So weird to see you guys 5 minutes from my house🇬🇧 ...why do i feel uncomfortable with it 🤨😂😂

LoL 😂

LMAO that intro 😂

dayum I wish you guys could of test driven or got your hands on an RS6 just so you guys know what its like!

Alejandro , could you or someone from your team please do something about the spam-blogs on this website? Ban, delete etc.? It's annoying... :-/

Maserati Boring lmao Farshad

Jajaja Farghini couldn't sit on the car

"I don't want to touch anything and ruin anything". Continues to touch every part of the car😂😂😂

That countach though, if i ever start an exotic car collection that would be at the top of my list

It seemed like you guys genuinely had a great time. It’s funny how you can tell that stuff through film. So cool to see the focus on the 250 aswell. So many of those cars are such good value still comparatively. The 190sl, the 356, the countash, if you had the cash to put one in a collection stepping away from the obvious 300sl they are hard to beat

A good game of cricket

Beginning was hilarious

Lol the 7mil Ferrari was nice but my phone wallpaper has been a pic of that QV from Joe Macari's Insta for days now. I fucking love that car and totally assumed you'd slide right on by it in the video since it was all about the pretty old ladies. Lots of folks hold up the 25th anniversary as the ideal Countach but I prefer the QV. Thank you Buddy for all the pretty pics of it that I just screenshotted like a motherfucker. Gonna change my wallpaper on my computer now too. 😂

That Rolls wagon!

Will you be at goodwood this year? I will be going this year, my uncle is also running passenger rides in new Yamaha buggys.

I'm not jealous, I'm happy 'cause you're getting close to enter the Ferrari family LOL BTW I'd love to hear your impressions of the LUSSO :D

I can see you and your wife driving in the 190SL epic video and the music 👍🏼

FARSHAD: "You got to learn at an early age; you can't have everything you want" Gets SVIPED

Man what an amazing video! The amount of incredible cars at that event was ridiculous!

I had the toy model of the Lambo as a kid.

Ayeeee ovaaa heaaaa

Great stuff guys lmao. The 250 spec with the matching interior 💦👌🏽 For a second I felt like Farshad not being allowed to sit in it was staged 😅that was too damn funny though

You had your ass in a £7.5 Million Ferrari, you must be able to get a Pista now ahaha

Great to see you guys in blighty! Hope your gonna be at goodwood...🇬🇧 Great vid.. Old boy

I am not sure if I have just been grumpy the last few weeks but the videos are not like they used to be. There isn't as much content in them, they aren't as entertaining. It's like the show has gone from naturally aspirated to forced induction. I had high expectations for this one when I saw there would be a location change but still no fizz... I feel bad posting this since I don't have a good solution to what I would like to see (a new banging gears eventually would be great though) Am I being too judgemental? Anyone else have thoughts about this?

A Mexican Englishman, what an exotic creation.

why are beekeepers fighting with swords

That event looks classy as fuck.

Excellent content!!! 🤗

Aye 🙌🏽 more excitement from Europe, I'm about to get lifted & enjoy :)👌🏽

I feel like the music in this episode was straight out of Antique Road Show... but dem Ferraris 😍

You saying “Holy SHIIIT” makes me laugh so hard😂

Damn, can't attach photos? How about gifs??

Dude It's sad when you have the perfect photo to post but can't lol :(

I feel your pain brotha, I'm sure it will be fixed soon though

Farghini be riding in that car like:

Finally something good to me! Ferraris everywhere!!!

I'm so jealous. Ugh.

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