First look at the ALL NEW VW Harlequin GOLF GTI!!!

What's happening you sexy mofos!?! In today's episode: - I received 1 million in GOLD - Buddy tries to avoid getting arrested - Farghini auditions for Janet Jackson! Hope you guys enjoy!

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LOL idk how I missed that last clip of Farshad walking into that audition deal lmao fxxk'n great!

Wow. Seems like a RICE-mobile to me.

You need one of this to go with your truck.

Wow you didn't change the rear Stringer emblem! You need to do it son!

Omg "fck farshad" funny

Will those Tata dog tags be for sale?

A few issues with comments going on. The site isn't properly posting comments. When you click post NOTHING happens on the user end to indicate an action has been taken by the server(no indication a comment was posted). This is leading to duplicate comments. Then when I try to delete the duplicate comments I get an error. I've used 3 different web browsers and am getting the same result on ALL of them. Good luck fixing these issued bud you guys got this!

I haven't been able to figure it out for sure but I'm almost certain...that necklace is giving me major Juca vibes! Tata wasn't the only inspiration was she? lol

I haven't been able to figure it out for sure but I'm almost certain...that necklace is giving me major Juca vibes! Tata wasn't the only inspiration was she? lol

I haven't been able to figure it out for sure but I'm almost certain...that necklace is giving me major Juca vibes! Tata wasn't the only inspiration was she? lol

You know what they say. . . .the fastest cars in the world are rental cars.

is it me or the video isn't playing?

I want that Defender and I want it now!

can you start filming everything with the a7s ii the point and shoot camera looks awful

why do galpins wraps look so bad? compared to like rdb

if you look at one of logan pauls recent videos the 70k man himself is in it

if you look at one of logan pauls recent videos the 70k man himself is in it

test comment from the PNW!

Lol mason jar full of herb as you open your new plack . Congratulations well deserved .

This new format is weird lol

I really like that someone took the white stinger like so much more of the blue!

Simple comment from Chrome

Tommy really is a good ass dude. You guys all are. But Tommy is very thoughtful. Even as far as when looking at the vw you ale mentions the finger prints as they still working on it. Cut to outside wt the stinger you see tommy going over it wt the duster detail. It’s those little details that make the difference for sure.

Wait Tommy....I thought we bought a white car "Watch out!" I fucking love buddy

you should visit RDB and Evan paul

next time can we dress up Farshad like a legit pimp?

That should be a new segment. "How can Farshad go by just getting out of a Rolls Royce?" Or whatever Car Du Jour...

That ending was just the best

Why did GAS not the match the GTI it 100%? Would there be some kind of copyright issue with VW( like how you have to pay to use the Gulf colors)

We hear you my brother and we appreciate you

yes we are just getting ideas right now! :D


thanks my G! I think I'm getting ready to enter chapter 3 of the channel or at least try it hahahaha Feels like there's an opening here and I'm gonna take a shot

this even works with fines or tickets... LOL

We wanted to see how it looked like that and THEN making final decision on color!

they are sick cars I love what you did with this one I’ve been a fan of the original since I first heard about it. I’ve never seen one but I have heard that there are two in my state that go to the car shows

you'll be surprised.. the love and history is there... the time hasn't been right just yet ;)

isn't it crazy!? I legit feel so stupid for not finding out before!

I want one... really really fucking bad

hahahahah if these do well (which phone calls are in and a few bookings already for next week) we'll add more to the fleet! Specially those weird ones haahhaha

Hate to say it but the rental fleet needs a white 3-series and a red SLK...

love the GTI!

The Harlequin looks great!! Hard to believe what KIA use to be and what they are doing now!! Cool Stinger

Some day they will get a JDM

Stinger Dope. Harlequin Dope Wheels are Fire butttt Black Boooooooooo go with Multicolor.

My name is literally spelled wrong on my Jury Summons. FROM THE GOVERNMENT. So I don't open it it's illegal to open someone else's mail no?

Drive a manual M2 Pls

Pahahaha Farghini I love it! \nI've done that kind of thing before in big Bentley's and the 190sl but you tend to have to be prepared to get asked questions... \nIf he needs an English wing man we should meet up state side! \n \nGreat video love how varied the VLOGs are and it really shows how much you all enjoy making them

Farshad just walking into the audition crowd ?

I personally would change the blue color on VW Harlequin for better match. Are wheels going to have different colors?

that ending hahhaha

VW came out great love the wheel choice also

LMFAO that ending killed me

As an Armenian I appreciate it so much when non Armenians talk about the genocide and educate people who don’t know about it. So on behalf of myself and all Armenians thank you guys!

Looks like all of the guys including Ivan lost some weight maybe on a diet or less takeout/restaurant food mainly Pasta.

wow the blue on the stinger looks really good! i cant wait to rent it and try it out!

Love the colors on the Golf the blue on the Stinger looks great brings out the cars lines you could not see on the white one. would love to rent one when i come visit the US will just have to check if Foreigners can rent from Galpin... i know some rental places are a bit anal about it. \nGreat stuff with the social experiment......Farghini straight up walked in like a Boss!!!!!

Wow the rolls experience works..... that was nutz guys i cant actually believe that it would work...i bet a phantom 8 and u could drive up to the door and just walk in

I like where your head is at

Nice video I'm claiming my necklace you guys are wearing I want one so put me down for one

Fucking p-nos points was hilarious!

You need some SVIPE license plate frames for your rental cars now...

That end skit was fucking hilarious. I love how Farshad has that no-shits-given mentality. Definitely laughed my ass off

What happened to the food vlogs?

Love the Harlequin. I need to move to Cali.

all about your attitude Nice job farshad !!!! your sexy piece of man the type of guy to give a prostitute flowers on valentines day. !


Farghini getting into those auditions was brilliant

??? never

Of course they were going to let him in no questions asked... it's all about the attitude! (car helps of course).

great video guys!

DM check plz if you want to drive an R8 Lol and other things of course.

This will never gets old amirite? LOL

Nice gonna watch tomorrow after work ? ?

Alejandro after watching the vlog with the Ducati- other than it looking good in the garage you also need it so you can carry it in the trunk of your Ford trucks! Now you have 2 purposes!

walked in like you owned the joint hahah

Pro membership was the best money I've ever spent.

video not loading?

In early but not early enough.

Did I pista you off?? ??

Ayeeeee ahahaha

Harlequin watch please ahaha

When you talked about the Jesse's Jetta I thought of someone on Instagram who replicates the hero cars from the movies including the Jetta. Maybe you can get him on the show. (ig=dom_dub)

Ivan coming in with Farshads good Thursday’s MOJO Ivan’s subtle jokes and jabs are better than the Persians boxing

Ayyyyeeee! Boldcars stop spamming ???

haTMZ?! ??

What y'all think?

Had some fun last night

This looked super sic in your IG stories the other day!

Fuck that looks clean

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