Fourghini Should Consider a 2SS Camaro with V4 Mode

To save fuel, my 2016 2SS Camaro goes into Fourghini mode (Active Fuel Management). My average MPG is over 20 and I like to accelerate/make a lot of noise.

To save money, Fourgini can wait for a 20% off sale (or get something now and still get a great deal (I saved 10% and got exactly what I wanted). This car is made for bigger people a well (like Fourghini) because the back seats are useless except for storage. Highlights include magnetic ride control, 24-color ambient lighting, 8-speed auto, blind spot monitoring, cross detection, rear camera, heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, bose audio, heads-up display, 455/455 hp/torque, 0-sexty in 3.9 sex.

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would be cool to see him drive it and check it out

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