Galpin Delivering The Harlequin GTI!

In this week's video, we Galpinize two cars for Salomondrin, exclusively for YOU to drive! Here's how you can do it: Email - or Call - 888-767-4397 We also finished the Jeep from the last video! The build is INSANE, and we got to unveil it to the customer. Lastly, we customized a Hellcat's exhaust and built one of a kind wheels from 1221 for a Mustang. Check out how they turned out!!! Be sure to click on the subscribe button to stay up to date with all of our new videos and don't forget to follow us on our Instagram at If you're interested in getting your car Galpinized, you can reach out directly at 818-922-3800 or Enjoy!

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Just seeing that Shelby in the background made my day! Always cool seeing Tommy & the crew

wow they did an amazing job on it!

Idk what it is but I could listen to Tommy talk about how they do shit all day. He just really seems to love his job you know?

They dd a amazing job on both cars too bad I in Jacksonville fl ?

Drive a manual M2 pls


The boys killed it! Just wanted to share!

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