GARAGE UPDATE! Selling a car for BITCOIN!

What's up you sexy mofos!?! Today's video is a sexy update on the current state of the garage, plus what's coming and what's going!!! Hope you enjoy!

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looks like a smart for the pros! hahaha

Every time you show the AMG GTR please re-run that footage of the burnouts. That was so dope

Your car selection is on point! Inspiration for me daily.

You need some limo tints on the E-wagon

In one of your previous videos you mentioned de-badging cars. Why not de-badge the GT-R and put the salomondrin logo up front?

Why would he do that? Mercedes have always been good to him.The whole point was the mis-treatment and BS he had to take from manufacturers like porsche and mclaren that led to him de-badging his cars in the first place as a fuck you to them(I might be wrong)

I always love your videos. If I had the means, I too would be changing cars like you. Hopefully that guy who owns the Reventon picked up the car to make room for his Performante.

Any plans to get the E63 Wagon windows tinted? Otherwise, kinda looks like an aquarium?! hehe - BTW, love that car!

Ehhhhh giveaway on the smart

Wild you're wanting to invest in bitcoin after such a long hard slump, it would be nice to buy low n sell high but I don't see that happening. Bitcoin is non-proprietary - meaning it can be replicated endlessly as no one has legal rights to the blockchain since it was released anonymously & isn't owned by any one person, corporation or entity of any kind.... It's not a value seeking asset meaning it's not a business seeking to make a profit in any way. It's really too bad "buying into" Bitcoin solely supports the notion of it being used as a currency instead of being an actual ownership interest stake in a company that owns BTC or seeks value out of blockchain technology... You've heard people talking about blockchain changing everything, so what makes you think people aren't planning on replicating the blockchain tech? They already are dude...Don't you see what replicated blockchain tech will do the BTC prices? Bitcoin is dead blockchain is not... The currency isn't worth more than McDonalds, Nike, or Disney ($10,000 BTC) the blockchain probably is worth a lot but you're not investing into a business licensing or selling blockchain in any way when buying BTC. You're investing into the idea that a 100% digital currency called Bitcoin which is not backed by any government or entity which you believe will be able to replace the dollar as a new currency. BEST OF LUCK to you Alejandro....with whatever you choose to do buddy I hope it works out well for you.

Maybe he simply needs Bitcoin to buy other Currencies/ICO's or whatever...although he could probably do that with Eth as well. I don't see Bitcoin as the best opportunity to make money but it has proven very stable compared to other cryptos like eth, neo, ltc etc. We have our own exchange and it is wild how much money flows into Bitcoin.

Using bitcoin as a reference for stable makes no sense, even if you compare to other cryptocurrencies. Reality is that SimpleRick is very accurate in what he says but I'd go even further and say that what he touches on when he says that it "solely supports the notion of it being used as currency" is key. All currency get its value from usage, if people stop using a currency its value drops. Bitcoin has no use. A vast majority of transactions used to be for nefarious purposes but it's gotten too expensive to use and since the price has become driven by speculation. That's an untenable situation for any asset that has no intrinsic value. The technology will live on and be used everywhere but Bitcoin will be a hobbyist network before long.

What are your predictions about bitcoin ?

The thought of some random inexperienced driver renting a Hellcat is terrifying and I love it.

Does he still work with Evan Paul?

I need one of those license plate frames!

When is the Project 1 Coming?

Surprised you don't want a larger collection since you have so many cars now. The to average person with 1 car 12-14 or whatever might seem a little crazy. Given the cash to burn I figured you'd love to have a vast collection of cars. My favorite is the CGT, I miss the 918 tho!

but what happened to the project one?

I'm assuming the "special plans for the beetle" is gonna involve converting it to electric, which would be epic!

they had the new g63 amg at to mercedes benz for the amg center grand opening

Are you gonna tint the windows on your wagon?

Of all of the cars you have my head says it should be the CGT but my heart loves the Performante.. Something about it just ticks the boxes that I like.. Don't hate me

So true bro!! Performante attracts me too!! Its my personal favourite from his collection right now!!

I think that Gt2Rs will be epic! more awesome than you imagine.

Hi Alejandro, what are those electronic strips you have on the headlights of some of your cars?

They're "key"s to get into his gated communities

Alejandro, I've spent some time in the RR Cullinan, great car drives Ok for a car that's heavy as f#ck but I'm not a fan of the looks there is just something wrong with the proportions of it. I would have the Rolls Raptor and the Ghost Black badge ... the RR Cullinan is just not for me maybe you will like it I'm more leaning towards getting an Urus personally. Where is the Reventón at did i miss something?Know its not yours.

HAHAHA! Laughed a bit when Alejandro says that the E63 is supercharged and then it cuts to the "biturbo" badge :P

project unooooooooo

Add your Smart Car to your SVIPE rental fleet if you don't drive it much and you want to keep it. Just like the Hellcat, you can always go get it when you need it.

Are you not getting the project one anymore? Or is that so far out that you didn't include it?

You said the AMG wagon was supercharged. While the video was showing the biturbo badge

My favorite would have to be the CGT no wait the 730s no wait the GTR no wait the Ghost no wait … OK all of them!!!

Wait, you guys are adding Mustangs to the SVIPE rental fleet? And I like those UnitedCarNation plates, I gotta get one! My favorite out of the cars you have right now is the E63, and I think I know what you're gonna do with the RSI ;)

Glad to see a few cars leaving! Gotta keep it fresh. That applies to your crotch also...

What happened to you getting a Bugatti Chiron

What happened to you getting a Bugatti Chiron

I am a Lambo lover so it must be the SVJ. The GT2RS is also great, and will be another Porsche which you love. Good choices, all.

do a giveaway with the smart car

He keeps the Smart for insurance purposes. It lowers his rate. ;)

It’s leased

Yeah right Ale! I agree variety is cool but don't lie, you'd have 7+ Hypercars like Dan if you could (or when) :P

The badging on the G63 really gets me going.... FIX IT :D

The garage is missing some electric powa aka rimac ahaha

What about the Chiron?? I miss you having a hyper car!! Common ALE, we want a hyper car. HERE IS A LINK FOR A BUGGATI CHIRON FOR SALE IN BEVERLY HILLS :

If I give you 4 bits of a coin, can I pick a car?

wait..... so you're not buying a Chiron??

Ayyyeeee :D I wanted to ask you this for the lit Q&A but maybe you can answer here: after seeing and driving the LUSSO in the UK what do you think of it? :D

Ale, the E63 is a BiTurbo... not supercharged. Although I might forget too if my garage was that extensive... LOL

also still no notifications :(

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