Here's how to grow on social media! LIT Q&A

What's my sexy pro mofos!? Here's another LIT Q&A for ya! Answering a couple of your questions and sharing more than we should on a few things! Enjoy!

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GENTLEMEN... I think the tea set would be not only good for Asians lol but what about tea time in England hahaha anyway are TBags included ? Can I order a Mexican Mayback with a built in vape machine instead??? Every time it opens it says . “ ESO!!!! ” like my homies at the taqueria say.

Damn man these videos make my day when it’s going bad . Thanks guys .

Bros that ending though had me cracking up hard. (before the credits)

i love ale man what a baller id pay 50% above sticker hahaha

Uh tata necklace and when are they going to be available

20k over sticker no more...."That's it 250 over"

The thumbnail threw me off I thought this was an old video being reposted.

This Format is Amazing

Great Lit! at least 250K worth of great!

Thanks for answering my Question guys I always really appreciate it! \nCannot wait to see what happens with the cars next.

You answer right to Farsh good job Alejandro ?

yah..the login everytime thing does suck ...i was super happy before.but now ..kinda sucks tryin to enjoy my time

i didnt answer anything.?

So if anybody is selling a GT for $750k hit up Alejandro hahaha

Hell yea ! Thanks for answering my questions big dog. ?

Mod the SRT by adding a yellow stripe on the front spoiler!!! Lol

Lol fuck yeah

You forget your audience isn't just a normal group of people. Normal comfortable cars do not fit their persona!

Hey Alejandro I tag you on Instagram thank you to your video you help me take my business to the next level also to help my kids YouTube channel now we are growing @thecastlekids \n

Your new setup is fucked up why do I have to login every time to see the video videos in Pro?

I know you have a lot of things going on but do you think you’ll ever get or try to learn to drift? And also really hope to meet you again if you ever come to ss717 call out.

How come I cant cancel my pro membership? every time I try to do so it's as if it's not coded into the website.

damn farghini really showed his age with that foxbody lol

i live right down the street from the Giants new pick Barkley. don't like the Giants but i'll be watching for sure good pick.

Farghini great job getting the 250k out of him at the end haha


Why tf would you make the video player smaller? That is a huge step back and makes no sense.

There goes all of your bargaining power for a Ford GT lol

Drive a manual M2 pls

Happy weekends Eve everybody!

Wish i could have a Corona with Ale.

Wish i could have a Corona with Ale.

Ale's response to the "How much over sticker" question was hilarious!

Ayyyyeeeee everyone!!!

If you pronounce ale Allie. Do you pronounce ginger ale ginger Allie? ??? I always thought to pronounce Ale like in Ginger Ale. ✋?

Ale your on Vacation????

AAAYYYEEE how's it goin ova eeeaaaaaaa??

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