I came to NY to buy a car I can’t show you!

What's up my sexy mofos!?!? This week we took a trip to NYC for several reasons that I cover in the video, but here's what really happened: - I take you back to my first home in the USA - Farghini nearly gets me deported - and Buddy shows what he's actually scared of ENJOY!!!

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There’s some weird adds that are all over this site now wtf??

Ale is in NYC and I didn't get to meet him damn! Would love to see his reaction to my loud as fuck GT3

estas pero wey

So all this walking and no shots of Farshad with a long walk?!

no way do you convince the misses out of the G Wagon. regardless of how hard you try she aint gettin it

its most likely the cullinan if jww and the euro youtubers have access im pretty certain ale and the team do as well

I think he went to order his SVJ also Ale what do you think about Long Island? (I live there)

Speaking of waste of time how come with this new setup I can't get the penis points like that did it's pissing me off so waste of my fucking time and money the fuck is going on

I cant wait to see what the car is! I really want to go to New York and just walk around it haha maybe one day

or maybe the Project One

Really enjoyed this video! \nSorry I've not been more active on the site everyone I've been at a new job (due to grandad's ill health) and I've really been giving it my all and going 100%! \nLoved the humour today and I really hope you all had a great time....can't wait to see the car

You know Farshad is truly Persian when he said he's not paying for the ticket

Can't wait to see the SVJ!

vlogging feels refreshing;))

No stopping in 368 or whatever the fxxk to see Casey neistat ? Lol.

finally time for that Chiron.

I was waiting for a vlog like this for a long time thank you Ale! Honestly I was tired of the GAS content your channel clearly changed over the past few months and it's too bad because I miss the OG vlogs when it was you 3 doing stuff around LA

why is the tata hat so comfy?

why is the tata hat so comfy?

Omg he cock blocked a pigeon!

nice tits

Is it the Rolls-Royce Cullinan?:)

girl at the end is bangin

it must be a secret limbo because now stradman his came to NYC.So some ultra rare Lambo must be in town.

Is it the Rolls-Royce Cullinan?:)

Farghini what are you doing!!

That secret Chiron that whitesse is getting I suppose...

Chiron i say ;)

Ummm can we see more of Alyssa? Please?

def think its the svj

I follow whitesse jr on youtube. He had to sign an nda for a bugatti event like 3 days ago. He said it will be super limited super controversal and same power

Farghini's History Lessons were so super informative. I feel like I just went on the most in-depth tour of New York because I learned so much. The More You Know.™ ???

Chiron Sport coming soon!!!

Alejandro is the squirrel master! And Farshad is Nasty Nate.

yea im kinda thinking its that SVJ

Or a Chiron sport that’s arriving like now.

You may need a bigger garage soon if you keep buying cars ahahah

Always go straight into the beaver.

Alyssa is a total babe !

Right into Beaver always!

is it not to see the new RR jeep

I like how Nick was like "Oh hi Farshad"

You can't show us but we all know that the car is the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ !

Today I learned: Alejandro lived in my neighborhood!

I bet it's the new Bugatti that everyone has been saying will be super controversial. Can't wait to actually see it!

Not bad 3 hours for notification :P

why no notifications????

Hmmmm. Let me guess. SVJ?

they secretly have a Chiron

they secretly have a Chiron

spoiler it's probably a Chiron

New York Chiron and Lisa at the end! What a vlog!!! Or maybe SVJ?

when r we gnna get the emil about the pnos points?????

ayyyyy PERRRROSSSS!!!!!!!

Sad I couldnt find you guys around I know a lot of good places to eat the pizza downtown i wanted to say hi lol :'(

1. I doubt it is a Rolls because he would get that through Danny. \n2. it has to be from Manhattan Motorcars because that's the reliable source he goes to in NY. \n3. the only cars they have at MMC that are up there in price currently are Bugatti Veyron (hes waiting for the Chiron) Porsche 918 (had 2 already) or the Lamborghini Centenario LP-770-4 (which I think might be it) \n \nthen again im sure im wrong lol

Drive a manual M2 pls

Chiron ❤

Ally bro have you thought about putting out a commercial real estate program? Id buy it!

lmao the farshad-pigeon

Now that's a water fountain lol

Farshad totally cock-blocked that pigeon....

Nice tour of the city. PNOS still not working correctly...

I’m not either

yea for the record I don’t think my ancestors passed through Ellis Island(I’m black). But I do miss my second home. I grew up in NJ

Lambo SVJ

i smell some SVJ SHIZZZ!!!

Am I the only one not getting notifications for new videos anymore? I was sitting here all week like "Damn the squad must be crazy busy or something..."

Awesome! I love NY! Oh... You probably should have edited out the footage of the tree sculpture thingy. If it comes up missing we know who has it - TATA! LOL!!!! ha ha ha


Never forget 343!

Ayeeee ovaa heaaa

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