IF You Wanna Be In Fashion, You Have To Do This!

Work trips to the dessert drinking Aperol Spritz's can be so rough... said no one ever! Jess and I did a quick 24 hour trip to Palm Springs last week to attend my friend Lily's pop up event for her clothing store. My Women's line is coming out in a couple weeks so It is important to attend influencer dinners and start getting my name out there =) We also found some time to stop by the Palm Springs museum and visit some friends who were in town. Hope you guys like our very first Travel Vlog!

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make a video on how you and Alejandro met..

Thank you for this. I know nothing about the fashion industry. But one-day I'm going to make the most bad ass high-quality rare laptop bags.


not enough!

how many “and” sss can be used ???

loved the vlog girls! they are getting better and better! Jess is gorgeous! i think I’m in love!

I've to come to LA asap LOL


hahah yes they are all so gorgeous!

Ciao Belen! \nCiao Jess!

I want to know your friends Belen! They're all incredibly beautiful LOL \nStupid things aside I'm glad you've enjoyed this little trip! :D

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