It went fast...

Ok so if you don't know me, I buy and sell cars, primarily 60s and early 70s musclecars and trucks. A few years ago me and a buddy bought two derilect 81 DeLoreans from a guy that was King of the hair salon world during the disco era. Long story short: he got involved with some venture capitalists that left him with nothing but the two DMCs and a bad haircut. So we got these cars for a smoking deal, sold the first one for basically what we had into the pair. We had planned to rebuild the remaining car, a grey interior 5 speed, but time and priorities got in the way. So, today I listed it online for sale and within minutes had calls from 4 different countries and 7 states. Ended up selling it for more than we listed it at within hours. I've never had so much response for a car, and I've never been so happy to get rid of a car! These things are horrible!!! Enjoy them from a distance.

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