It's Mustang Monday

Hide yo self! Stay away from curbs! :D

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That looks pretty damn awesome! Congrats on the Mustang!

Thanks for the info on that. I have a feeling I’m just going to end up with the performance pack swap in the end so I don’t have to mess with it too much. \n \nI have a list of things to finish on my Z before I come back to the mustang anyways.


I'm actually about to switch to one of the Anderson Composites splitters like this: \n \nThis is the street scene splitter and I really like it but the mounting method is garbage. They give you a roll of dried out double sided tape and glue to fix it to your bumper. It took only a day before it was falling off so I had to go get better tape and also screwed it in from the top and now have visible screws. If you can get a different one that doesn't rely on tape for mounting.

I’ve been looking at that front splitter. I need something more aggressive on mine but I need something that also blends with the rest of the aero kit. Belly pan swap to get the performance pack splitter is unnecessarily expensive.

That carbon hood ??

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