Let's try these bikes!!!

What's going on you sexy mofos!?! In today's very British episode: - Sam from Seen Through Glass showed whose side he's on - I got caught coming out of the closet - And I finally won a racing trophy! Enjoy!!!

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I purchased a pro membership through the app and it’s not working and also i don’t have access to the pro content from the website

i must know the burrito place pedro loves

hell yeah!

super cool

If you guys learnt how to ride bikes you would fucking DESTROY on Youtube. A food vlog channel with cars humor and even motorcycles. Why would anyone ever want to watch anything else?

The father of an kindergarten friend had a red Testarossa back in the 80s and after this a black Diablo ....sadly I don't gave much about cars back then I got annoyed when he showed me the cars. I prefered playing with his He-Man and MASK action figures or visiting his ocelot he also owned. ^^

no because after a couple hours it went back to normal.

i know this is a far shot (pardon the pun lol) but I make motovlogs on youtube and currently Ride a cbr1000RR. if you ever want to learn how to ride id totally be down to come to LA and make a video! I absolutely LOVE motorcycles and would be more than happy to ride a bike back to your house for ya so you can keep it in the garage lol. loved the video brotha!

device? browser?

The 1199 inside is fucking sex. If you learned how to ride bikes you'd love it.

Bro you need this bike Ale if I could afford this I would have it as art in my house. Ducati or MV Agusta the best!

That thumbnail!

I’m trying to watch but the webpage and app is like this

Next episode will be Getting an R8 V10 Plus!!

I always took Buddy for a whiskey guy just when you think you really know someone...

OMG watching you put on that suit tho... ?

I was so disappointed they didn't turn on the bike with the white/silver 1199/1299 Panigale Ducati Austin Racing exhaust. That bike is ridiculously loud and evil sounding. Alejandro would have creamed his pants with that exhaust rev sound and feel!!!!

is that Danny’s lady that came up to grab up on the trophy? she looked good when she turned back and walked away jeeeeez

I swear if you buy that V4S I'll come over and ride it for you.

how come there was not a special word or phrase for our points? I watched it twice

Can you find the Salomodrin sticker?

this is the second time we’ve been click baited with a bike!! Please ride one!!

Love my Ducati!

It is bike season... to the motorsports store!

Ale — get the Panigale 959...my customized 899 is a rocket.

Tat walk Ale did once he got that Ducatti suit on is classic lolololol got to make A gif of that

I love that Farshad low key made sure the girl with the tight black pants and red shirt was in frame for as long as possible. lol

Ask danny how much for that yamaha banshee!

Because he has to deal with him all day. You have any idea how many terrible zingers he's had to endure?

He wouldn't have that problem if he didn't shave his low fro...

serious moose knuckle action

Those are the specs for the H2R. The H2 has a static compression ratio of 8.5.

jolly good show chaps

I am hoping that Galpin Motors can have a rental for motorcycles

Now that's a good bike

I'd kill for a Ducati. Man! NICE.

Crazy power! $+80k MSRP

So ready!

Hehehe that's was me

Why is Buddy always so hard on Farghini?

Wooooop Wooooop! \nA British episode!

I was thinking exactly that!

Yes! Finally some super bikes on the channel. Would have loved to see you guys at COTA in Texas last weekend to really experience the top racers and top tier machines.

I love how buddy just randomly has a bottle of Jose Cuervo.?

The new Ducatis are nice but I would suggest not getting one. Or any bike for that matter...

That's the HP4R bro. Still either one is a beast!

I'd like to see this!

am the type of guy to buy the best bike there with a nice biker suit and ride bitch on the back...am that scared

why is buddy holding a bottle of Jose cuervo especial?

Can someone tell Farshad it is called a Moose Knuckle? haha

I know my Ducati friend :D

That testarossa!!

lol it was the same with me. Dont think I will ever get one either. Too many idiots that will run you over

My first (and only) bike was a Ducati 749 Dark. I never came close to the limits that it was capable of. However I will say that there are few feelings more amazing than riding a motorcycle on some twisty back roads. All of your senses are engaged and you're hyper aware of everything around you. I think you and the guys should all take an MSF course and learn how to ride. The comedy gold that could result from just from the class itself is worth the effort.

get the bike. I will ride it for you. getting another bike in the next month or so. TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE 765

Yes but he needs to get his M1 license first!

I have dreams that I have if that counts! We finally got rid of all the snow here so I’m hoping this summer

What year??

Ever been on a HP4?

Dear Ale if you got tired the moment you sat on the bike. Please take a ride with me from SF to LA and Back. Lol. \n \n \nFarshad if you get a bike. Either two things happen. You'll attract more girls or you'll get guys trying to race you. \n \n \nP.S. Ale I call keeps on the bike if you buy it :)

Ahhhg man I'm drooling at the moment

Should try out the new BMW bikes but Ducati is damn hard to beat

Let a fellow Mexicano pro member in on your crypto project! I'll work for free! Been working on my own now https://cryptocurr3ncy.org/ just aimed at providing resources tools and insight! Thanks Salomondrin & Salomundo familia!

When i was 19 years old i wanted to buy a bike my dad told me...You buy a bike you find somewhere else to live.

I have a Monster 1200R nothing to be scared of if you respect the bike.

Use the base of the scissors when cutting something thick or hard it makes an incredible difference versus using the tips! Something about leverage. I know FASTFLORES was jealous after watching this one! lol

Loved this episode! So much fun and jokes at the Ducati dealer. Next step Farshad in a suit ready to learn riding!

I'm scared of motorcycles too! lol

I have a Ducati. the Ducati scrambler Cafe Racer

Looking good on that bike ahaha

you really need to learn a bike !! its literally one of the most liberating feeling! i wanna see Buddy riding a bike!

I hope to win a giveaway one day so I have an excuse to bring one of my turbocharged bikes over to cali and give you the keys for a week

just don’t let the Reventon owner know his car is surrounded by spiders

vimeo just kills the fun of watching the video

Try the Kawasaki Ninja H2 \n \n Top speed: 331–400 km/h (206–249 mph) \nEngine: Supercharged (two-speed centrifugal) 998 cc inline-4 DOHC \nWeight: 476.0 lb (215.9 kg) (wet) \nTorque: 115 lb⋅ft (156 N⋅m) @12 500 rpm \nCompression ratio: 8.3:1 \nFuel capacity: 17.03 l (3.75 imp gal; 4.50 US gal)


orale ?✌✌???

ayeeee papi! its time to get a Motorcycle rentals for PRO-MEMBERS

Yay I was waiting for this!


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