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new wrap or new car???

that looks sick

Massive improvement, to my eyes.

Yo! why is that I cant access my profile whether I'm signed in or out, but every other profile I click on shows up?

bad ass green

Tommy showed a Performante on his Insta Story.. seems like itโ€™s Aleโ€™s .. Getting it Galpinized? ๐Ÿ˜‰

OOOOOOOO !! This color with those wheels, I love it.

So classy looking, like a stripper in court...

All these posts are blurred for me, is it a glitch or is my pro membership lapsed ?

There's a few memberships that lapsed and are having this problem... since we switched the system over some ALERTS got lost in the process. We're checking for you

Hey @jose.tamez, we've just reviewed your account and it looks like your Pro membership has lapsed due to a failed payment! Please email and we'll help you get things straightened out :)

Similar to Tony's spec from Seen Through Glass. So classy, love the wheels

For a second actually thought it was Tony's (Seenthroughglass, SupercarsofLondon, TGE TV, Archiehamiltonracing , sometimes Mr JWW, etc) epic spec. Tony such a baller. Still brings a laugh thinking about him picking up his new AMG GTR wearing his tracksuit - Legend. His spec on his new GT3 RS also epic.

Ale! What up brotato-chip! GOOD lord man this thing looks like it was made with a few drops of Unicorn jizz!!...MY LANTA!!

ISO - A new VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll be back to regular programing on Monday. Doing a podcast today. :D

Nice! Can I have your old one if you sell it. I'll take the 10000000000000 month financing ๐Ÿ˜œ

You can finance it for a million trillion months... as long as someone gives you that loan and I get paid in full we're good to go :P

The spec Lamborghini was taking out everywhere last year, yep

it's similar to specifically one you've seen, but not the same (we think).

Need urgent a new Salomondrin video :-( I'm mentaly starving on my lunch break...

Same here brotha! Lunch has been boring for a few days!

Monday Monday Monday! :D

That's a good looking ride! Green for the money, gold for the honey... ๐Ÿ˜


Are you still going to sell the Performante?

Are you gonna sell your momma?

How can you be so cold, you're in the fucking desert ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Yes sir. Why have 2 of the same?


Don't even go there

SALO!!! You should go to Westlake GT or Sunset GT For an upcoming car show... I've never met u in person and would love to!

This has to be the cleanest spec I have ever seen!

it's sexy!

Ale what should someone starting in filmmaking do first?

make youtube videos

Best spec on a performante.. hmmm

very interesting

Can I take the day off work tomorrow?

Sergio, WTF!? Of course not! :P hahahahahahahah

Btw totally unrelated note... Have you ever tried lactaid for your...... ...... More enhanced dairy experiences lol

hahahaah no, I shouldn't take meds for stuff I wanna eat... I should just not eat it... hahahah that's my philosophy... but I also don't stop...

It's not really medicine. It's the "nutrient" in our body that helps break down lactic enzymes. Over time, many people lose it to some degree or completely. You just eat it with your first bite and Tara, no problems.

I need this then!

Good to have you back, already thought this was over or something bad happened! Howโ€™s business? Any news on the taco place? Any news on your raptor? I have a couple of video ideas for you guys, at least, things iโ€™d love to see and learn. Something like going with Avi to auction and learning from him what to look for in every car, etc. Maybe buying 3 really cheap cars with buddy and farshad and compete with them to see who bought the best one, and then, give them away or something... BTW itโ€™s 7:30am here in Spain. Have a great day!

good to be back brosefo! Nothing's happened but GREAT FUCKING SHIT (we did have a few setbacks with the website, but working on them now) all around. Just so busy with it all. You guys don't even know about 99% of the stuff happening right now, and don't wanna burn it like with the tacos, etc... so I'm waiting for it all to drop... it's gonna be fucking CRAZY!!!! hahahaha

Great to hear that, hope your wealth keeps getting bigger and bigger and that you have the health to spend it all! Talking about the website, I made a post a couple of days ago asking if anyone knew why videos werenโ€™t being posted and stuff, people commented but I canโ€™t see the comments... What do you think about my ideas? Are any of them even possible? Thank you!

Whos is this?!?

ex fucking cuse me!?

Oh... so, Jake's or Logan's?!? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Hows your day been big baller?

exhausting, lots and lots of things to get done in time with too much money at stake. Sorry.... GREAT! :P

keep it up Ale, and enjoy the ride!!! you have a lot of support from the whole pro family and beyond!!!

Heyyyyy :D

Se..... I knew women had egos... Eggs... Whatever

Haha! Can you tell my husband hi for me since you talk to him more than I do LOL

Are you going to vote in the mexican elections? Its my first time voting and its a fucking mess

No brother, honestly I'm not informed 100% there, and can't make a decision. I know who is gonna win (just like I did here, based on simple logic haha) and know what to do about it... that's how I rule my life these days :P

Can we have a video with Team Salomondrin and Team Salomone? ahaha Maybe the SVJ collection LOL

I just DM'ed Bryan about something totally unrelated, but ends with a LETS GET TOGETHER hahahaha

Great, now I'm here and I have no idea what to say Reminds me of my med school exams

hahahahaha I hope it never does this for you again! LOL

That Performante spec is like my favoritist thing right now.

it's hot


Have you seen the comment thread stemming from my svj question? I think I contracted internet aids now. ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

hahahahaha People take legit feedback as insults, but it's just reality :P Then that escalades like crazy. I honestly think we all need to understand there needs to be etiquete online. You can't just say shit that you fart out of your brain here.... this is real... you are typing it with your own fingers/thumbs... that makes it 100% real. Then you meet these people in real life and they all are such pussies then (not for anything other than they themselves aren't as RISKY as their ONLINE PERSONAS!?!) compared to reality because for some reason WHATEVER I SAY ONLINE DOESN'T COUNT... I met a gigantic pussy that's friends with that Ghost and Stuff when Greg and I were driving the CGT and the BC. Kid got out of his car to take pictures of the car, said hi, all smiles, etc... and then he posts this SUPER COOL POST where he talks down on me, my car, etc... So who is he? The guy in real life? Or the guy online? THIS IS WHATS SO FUCKING STUPID!

Yep. You can read through it lol. I try to be as nice as I can. Almost verbally slammed one of them to the ground but it just isn't worth it. No need to bring pedophilia into the comment section, that's just immature on their part but whatever, that's the internet for you. So glad I'm forced off it for one whole day every week haha


Glad to see you back online brother. Dmd you a few times on Instagram just kind of checking in how you were doing but yoy probably get a million of those a day. Hope you being back here can rejuvenate the website!

Belen just made a video where she show's everyone my energy balls

where the f is it?! Let's see those balls!

this is.... weird...?

So they aren't energy balls!


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