My First Land Rover Defender!

What's up you sexy mofos! In today's video: - I got screwed in the canyons by the worst car of all time - We took a major risk with Avi! - and Farshad found a new project car for Tommy! ENJOY!!!

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yup another notification I didnt get on iphone

You guys are my favorite YouTube channel hands down. I laughed so hard on this episode!

Miata's are cool because the average drive can use 100% of the car with very little skill. The 720s or perfermante requires massive skill to achieve the same level. Its the same reason go carts are fun.

that does make it dope AF! the 720s is so beyond the regular limit is almost impossible to enjoy the car at what it does best TOP SPEED EVERYTHING hahaha

If you enjoyed the Mazda Miata, try a Suzuki Cappuccino! If you come to Denmark, you can try ours 😉

I am googling this immediately! The name alone is so epic! hahahah

🎥 Detective Farshad 🤔..

hahahahaahah it's just ridiculous

IDK why but the smooth music playing over Buddy's beauty shots of the Miata almost lured me in. Also Farshad's delayed reaction when you said that there wasn't a spiderweb behind you, just behind him... I laughed so many times watching this! 😂

I legit just think about Farghini and that spider nest randomly through the day to laugh my ass off LOL

Salomondrin, I need to talk to you Call me 1-829-563-1383

Toys R Us was EPIC in the 90s

and now its gone :(

Nice vid once again my Gs! Is the new Miata the most underrated car?? I mean is faster than a stocked BRZ no?

I am dying to drive the new one now and the BRZ... put an end to the mystery!

As always great video!! Variety is the spice of life love the lambos love the trucks love the mazdas drive them all I watch to see you guys have fun!!!! Avi is the greatest his enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air a real genuine guy!!!

Now everyone understands why Farshad got divorced and feel in love with Avi!?!? (not saying Avi loves him back like that... hahaha)

I would like cordially invite salomondrin crew to come drive/experience my Mazda Miata, take it and keep it for a day! If you guys can vote this up for Alejandro to easily see it, I would appreciate it!

I see it all homie! that's the point of this site :P thank you so much for the offer brother! :D

It's automatic... but you still did it. Thank you. Next; do you need one for your own garage to be your introduction to car tinkering?

You guys should experience a real tuners car, like a skyline GTR with 1000+hp or something heavily modified. I feel like the reactions you'll give are gonna be priceless hahaha

Ale I take that road to Santa Monica College 4 times a week and I can tell you that at least 2 out of the 4 times I get cut off by people that go slow.

guys, I tried to purchase PRO membership but the site is not working. is it possible to fix it any time soon?!

What happened to my pro membership?? I Can't see the vid, only an image, but still reciving emails that there is a new video for pro's. ??

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Lmfao @ Avi “you can get the engine at toysrus” what a legend 😂

wait wait wait, what happened to the pizza that Buddy ordered?


Dope video as usual but on a Different NOTE have you seen the LIVE LEAK of Fords New engine lineup ? I saw it on Some dude called ShaneO lives channel on YouTube . I came across it a minute ago and it has a 7.3L non Diesel engine on the list . Looks like the new Raptor might be that one . What do you think ?

A Defender 90 is about as cool as Land Rover gets. I'm not a LR fan, but I'd take a 90 in a second... and promptly replace everything in it with quality parts. They're garbage cans in stock form!

Farshad driving that Miata, pure GOLD ahaha

in a way I feel lucky for not being so tall! hahahaha these cars are already tight AF with my height as is... can't imagine others.

Alejandro I have a rant for you on one of my post hahaha you tricky mofo!! Anywho please get the defender 110 it's a great investment, trust me.

I don't invest in cars :P hahahah I like to drive them and have a use for them. I'd legit would never drive a defender for my own self. I'd legit buy another 4x4 and chop the roof and make it a convertible instead. I feel you get more of your money's worth.

Shout out to the Hand Crew from CalFire 🤙🏽❤🇺🇸

Because they drove the Miata, who here thinks we will start seeing more JDM cars on the Channel. Also, they need to drive the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Ahhhh you are one of those R32 guys... :P hjahahah

nice way to start the Monday

Farshad in the Miata, priceless.

he just doesn't fit in half the cars! LOL

ayeeee mercedes drivers over hereeeee

buddy's shots can sell you on a miata in 2018

Great start to the week! Thanks guys! Btw is the date for the opening of the Mexican restaurant set to your birthday (Dec 7)? I have followed you for a while and would really like to experience the grand opening with you guys and the pro subscribers . I can book plane tickets now, they are fairly cheap. Any chance you guys can confirm the date in the near future? Greetings from Sweden! ☺️☺️

I don't wanna be responsible for this hahahah although I appreciate it tremendously. We are building the place where the restaurant is... we have plans drawn and getting our permits pulled right now. It depends on it all going down well and obviously I have some contingency RE: Time/Money but it's too early to be able to guarantee it :D

Haha, I completely understand. Hopefully once it's closer and you know more I can book it. That would be so epic 😄😄

absolutely and would love to meet you then brother!

It's always fun to see the IG stories & posts by you & Farshad, and then see how it all ties together a couple of days later in these vids.

I appreciate you appreciating it :P

Ayyyyeeee! Will you stop buying trucks for God sake?! LOL How about something more meaningful? Like a Ferrari :P

I can get behind that!

Yay! We need to start a club or something along those lines :D

I too am fed up with this truck shit

what? hahahaah we drove a fucking aston a vlog ago... Rolls Royces yesterday... what the fuck else!? Just car vlogs? !hahahaha

earliest i have ever gotten one of these.. or the comments are broken!

they're not... LOL dick!

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