My Pistachio Colored Pista by Monaco Auto Design

This as an example of a designer that has done work for me in the past. Monaco Auto Design. He did designs for my MSO HS cars.

I actually like the pistachio color on this car. I'm really not into bright yellows, greens or oranges.

This video is an example I take of his speed art. He does come up with great ideas that balance out a cars design. Honestly I don't have the time to go back and forth with ideas, it's so time consuming. i know most people love getting into the details but for me it has because a chore. I like to see what designs come out first on a car and then go from there.


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Ooooh bet that looks incredible! \nYeah I completely agree I really couldn't drive a "flashy" car with a "flashy" paint job it would be too much for me...

That’s a good blue. I was considering a blue I try to keepin things classy or conservative is a better word. I took the Bentley color Kingfisher and adapted that to McLaren P1 and others.

I quite like this spec...but I think I would get black or a dark grey! \nTotally agree on the crazy specs I would feel like a tit driving around in!

That's just a sample.

I hope you watched the video I just don't know how to post those. Monaco makes it look easy. I took a screen shot from his video. I'm a big black car but one of the hues of green looks good on this car. Not the Italian flag green either. lol Not sure what color will end up or what little tweaks. i think a little silver sparkle not sure. I can't go crazy on colers like Fuchs on his Ferraries or McLaren Fuscsia 720S.

Looks awesome and not what you’d expect on a ferrari

that is by far my favorite looking one i've seen yet

I really like that if not purely because it is so different! \nGreat post mate

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