Mysterious second performante is here!

What's up you sexy mofos!?! I know you ninjas already have seen that I'm selling my Performante, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't still have one in the garage, right?!?! Here's what happened: - I find out the hard way that Farshad is an eyes closed type of guy - Buddy shares us the most impossible thing ever - Sergio gets his first Lamborghini! Enjoy!

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i thought we seen this in a shop last year

This performante looks familiar. Looks amazing in person...

If you guys are getting desperate waiting go to the salomundo channel and watch this video but its in spanish so turn on CC and set it to auto translate and watch. P.S bro love explosion in the episode

On todays episode: the guys share a burger in a disturbing fashion, Ale gets too drunk to drive his brand new car, and Farshad wears the same blazer


Would somebody please tell farshad, who in the past has always wore his `I'm the type of guy who gets paid` t-shirt so many times...made my think that he was trying to prove something, and now that's wearing the same jacket makes him look like he has one basic blue blazer. Dude step up your game !!!!!!!!!!

that Spec is fire. Did you sell yours already ?

ahhh westlake my second home, i love finneys amazing red head bartender shes beautiful. you guys really need to try los agaves i know you have your own taco spot coming up but please please please try them out amazing pastor tacos. as far as the spec goes it is definitely gold, not just the stripes but the medal it deserves.

This is the better version of Tony from Gravelwood Car Sales in GB. I thought his car was perfect but now I realize I was wrong But a purple one would be amasing too

how many miles did the car have? you guys forgot!

Just say niggas you have my pass for this time

Cheesecake Factory has it at the Topanga Mall, I tried it there and I love it.

Never understood why veterinarians want to eat meat flavoured food lol

the thing is that they don't know it either =:o)

Alex sabes q desde q empeze a ver tus videos neta q me has motivado a superarme mas junto con mi familia y cuando llegue a mis metas te voy a buscar para agradecerte en persona gracias por ser inspiracion

Oh shit!!! My friend and I used to hit up Finneys all the time while we went to college there in Thousand Oaks!

I wish I had a friend who asks me to keep his supercars LOL

Buddy will now forever be known to me as the vegan who doesn't eat meat 😭 13 miles is my guess for the lambo

How many miles did the car have on? did i miss it? one sick Performante.

Lawd have mercy that's a beautiful car! Getting to drive it without having to pay for it is sweet!

sick color, love it!!!

Unrelated Ale but I'm wondering where you got the enclosure for Tata and the turtles. Rehabbing a baby squirrel we found dying like you did and she'll need a big place to stay when she's older!

Tried to upload a picture but it didn't seem to work.

Getting money for the old one and still driving a performante Smart move

I can get you guys an RS3 and an RS5 hit me up boys!! No need to sweat!! I've got a dealership down there ;)

What’s your thoughts on new s8

how many miles did the car have??!? you forgot!

Probably the best Performante spec I've seen

that burger eating was a little too gay for me, but everything for the people right

that spec is so beautiful!!

Those wheels are stunning.

Farshad is always trying to trick Alejandro into some, um, sexually charged scene (and he falls for it). Farshad - just make him a mixtape Love the videos guys - keep on killing it.

bluish green and gold beauty

That was so fucking hilarious you two going eat the burger lady and the tramp style.

who would be the lady?

DAMN that performante spec is stunning! Really hope you enjoy the time with it. I'll try and get on the site more soon, I had a bit of a personal dilema and I started a new job so now I've found my feet, I will get back as soon as possible

I’m not much of a green car person but that is a gorgeous spec with the gold accents and wheels!

I don't know what's more sexy..... the slow motion views of the Performante, or the slow motion montage of Ale & Frashad doing the Lady & the Tramp scene. Definitely the latter.

I think you're subconsciously a huge Packers fan.

hahahahahhah ha!! dam son

I got confused with the spanish ending LOL

That spec is stunning. I have a soft spot for dark green cars with gold wheels.

Fack, that's one sexy ass spec.

Looks awesome! did you sell yours already or on sale now?

Porn Spec !! Se pasó

Such a beautiful spec

FastFlores is back, Ale come out and playyeeyyyyeyeyyyy

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