Need Good Suggestions for Senna Spec Submission

I'm going to need to put in a beginning spec for a Senna. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this? I've seen about 25 different renders including the ones that will be shown at Geneva.

I think I will go with a dark color and have MSO experiment with the parts that can be easily taken off of the car (not body panels) and have those wrapped in plastic in a contrasting color. I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error going on and because of the design complexity I didn't want to lock into one permanent render.

I had a chance to take delivery of a black VP ( Validation prototype) model but passed because it could not be a US spec. The first Senna will arrive in the US a little before car week for Monterey. First seen at Quail then Pebble.
I've looked at renders and it will have dry carbon fiber along with gloss paint. Something that is not available at the moment. The car will be presented at Pebble Beach and will take to some tracks afterward in Cali.

I am leaning towards a cf or painted panel instead of the clear lower window in the doors.

Owing to the aerodynamic dictates of the door shape (both thinness and curvature), it was not going to be possible to have a normal height window that lowered to within the door frame. Hence the F1-style, shallow lowering windows.
That meant that the the interior of the lower door would be unused, i.e., have no window rails, motor or lowering apparatus inside it.
Subsequently, someone on the team said, "If that area is going to be unused, how about if we put a window in it? Some people might like that."
As the designer told me this, although this only my impression, I thought that he agreed that from McLaren's point of view the lower window option was a profit opportunity for McLaren rather than being something that improved the car.

After writing this the other day I figure since the lower window is a feature of the Senna I might go with it. Maybe the lower window will help those not very good at driving. Someone sent me this video of a P1 getting hung up on a curb. Leno was there too. Thing is the window weighs more than cf there.

Trying to reduce the effect of the proboscis nose of the car. lol


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yes I saw a few with his colors but didn’t like the balance of the cars. I might put a stealth Senna on the wing.

I think A car named after Senna should have his colors too. \nOne of my favorite is the P1 GTR in Senna colors

Based on what I’ve seen the press car the uk yiutubers saw with a dark body and bright highlights looked awesome

really tired of the Carbon look even better he visual colored carbon. Going to see how the car at pebble beach turns out with the dry carbon and gloss look.

I’m tired of the C/f look. might do something with the paint. I’m waiting to see actual pics of the car that will be in Monterey when it is completed at the factory. someone is developing a volcano blue but stated blues are cold colors and I guess they forget blue flame record speed car. MSO has a black test car they are trying a wrap with a few colors. I usually like black cats so we will see. I have some time to decide. within the next month most will be locked in with their specs.

Carbon fiber lots of carbon fiber. Like an insane amount.

Carbon fiber lots of carbon fiber. Like an insane amount.

I think this car looks better in darker colors but that is just me

I would definitely go for the carbon over the window if it reduces weight in comparison to the window. \nJust feels somewhat more purposeful if the weight is as light as possible and McLarens carbon is a thing of beauty. \nI would personally go for a dark specification possibly an Amethyst Black MSO colour with a big carbon contrast! \nBut black and Carbon will look incredible...look forward to hearing what you think and decide

Also I posted this designer who did the pistachio colored Pista. Below he is just taking the livery of the McLaren F1 race car and doing it on a Senna. \n \n \n \n \n \nBC

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