Ordering My New G Wagon!

If you can believe I have NEVER configured a car before!? Shocking right? I actually didn't know it was an option to do so for the G Wagon (ha). So since the new G Wagon is coming out I had to configure it! Jess and I went to Mercedes to see Evonne and I configured my new beauty. I can NOT wait to get the G! Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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She needs to buy her mom an Ozark Trail 12-Ounce Vacuum Insulated Can Cooler. They work for both bottles and cans and are 10x better than a those things she's currently using. I bought one for my aunt and she'll never go back. $6.74 at Walmart summer essentials.

The real question now is if seeing as belen’s Favourite cars are the g wagon and the wraith would she rather a rolls Royce Cullinan?

holy torquoise G wagon. that was beautiful.

Jess you'd better go see Infinity War ASAP!

BEST video yet

Does anyone know the official name of the paint colour on the turquoise G-Wagon that was shown in the video?

Awesome video girls!

best video yet!

Belen have u ever smoked with Ale before

i didn't realize how entertaining this would be to watch

I really like that dark red!! Would look sleek

I can't wait to see Belen's new G Wagon! ?

I could see Jess in a Subaru WRX STI!

Good stuff!

that B roll was top notch. Buddy has some competition now.

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