Picking up the new Aston Martin Vantage

What's up you super sexy mofos!?!? We are back, and we are coming in hard!!! (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID...LOL) In today's episode: - A legend leaves the garage...for now ;) - I avoid getting deported - and we finally get our hands on the hottest car from across the pond! I hope you enjoy!!! LATEST UPLOADS: https://goo.gl/YUYc0o

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The its a new car and I can't find the hood latch pose

I love the intro

Love being a pro member but I will say my wife can’t understand what I’m paying a subscription for your website she thinks I’m buying porn now . Lol I get the occasional mmmhhhh while I’m in my man cave watching your newest content lol . I assured her porn was not this cheap and how could i know so much more about cars after watching a porn unless it was J Lennos after hours garage .

Good to see,you back. Please dont abandon the English videos!!! We might not get you the millions of viewers the spanish ones get but we buy your merch and have supported you from the beginning! Anyways...love ya bud.

Aston Martin is one sexy car!


Thanks for the content

Thank you for making my day!

thank YOU Nick Cage for making mine with all your movies... wait...

This car wt amg v12 if rumors work out will be truly something. Glad your back Mr. and bythetints made a little poop come out laughed so hard. Lol. Touché.

that JLo thing is somehow really hot! hahaha good to be back! New episode coming right now :P

Aye! Ale, glad you see your sexy face again 😉

glad to be back brosefo!

Farghini - Try the 2018 Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid that thing fast AF, has quite a lot of new kit and well build. Does not have the sound of the Rapide unfortunately but that's what after market parts are for....

yeah I don't care about those PURIST bullshit things Farghini pretends to :P I actually enjoy tech evolving quick and this panamera has the elements needed :P

F#####CK i missed the you f#ckers... That's not even the Sports Exhaust on the Vantage the Sports Exhaust looks like the image below, 4 x pipes. Buddy Get ONE.

Damn Image did not upload. 'oo----oo' see x exhaust. hahaha

Are you comming to Goodwood this year?

I really love the Vantage, especially in that super loud acid green or in the grey with a crazy loud accent color. Of course it's got to have all carbon everything too. I just spent waaaay to long tinkering on their configurator. Turns out they have a dark pink interior accent color. Wish I could I get that on the exterior trim bits too. Course it'd help if I could afford the damn car in the first place! 😂😂😂

That's the perfect spec! ALL FORGED CARBON EVERYWHERE and bright ass stitching with the most delicious quilted leather!

Fantasy Crypto app isn't working for me. I keep getting network connection error. I've deleted the app multiple times and I keep getting the same error on multiple Wi-Fi networks and using cellular data. :(

The latest update works. It's laggy but it does work... you sure you got the latest version? And is this android or iOS?

I saw the green one at St.Louis Motorcars and I was studded by the looks. One of the employees revved it and it sounded amazing!

If it was the AMR version already... I'd take one in that color in a second!

Really love the look of that Vantage!!!

It's so sexy! The front has a very interesting design... lots of people are very divided on it.

I think I prefer the Aston Martin with the Forged Carbon interior. Now that is delicious! Did Ivan sell that one already?

They can't sell this one. This is a factory car. That's why I'm guessing they left those engine bay holes open... if that makes any sense at all.

Lol the guys in the van at 3:20

I was dying when I saw them! hahahaha

Is it just me or was the light on the reventon dash a tpms light?

it's for the rear light not working.

Hottest car from across the pond 😂

"well hello boyzzzzzz" *horrible british accent*

anybody else facing too much buffering even with a good internet speed?

Are you on mobile or desktop?

What's with the beeping at 14:26? BTW I think I heard a Nissan GT-R drive by a few secs later

I hate California (especially up here in the Bay Area) because the cops would always pull me over for tinted windows and/or no front license plate. It got so bad at one point that I was getting pulled over every other week. Thankfully, If you act civil and respectful, they'd just give you a warning. Btw, I had a motorcycle cop measure the height from the ground up to my headlights with his baton, said that I was 0.25 inches too low, and gave me a fix-it ticket. I went straight to the gas station and over inflated my tires and get it signed off the same day. Ugh. No more modded cars for me. It's not worth the hassle.

I know... this is the biggest pain in the ass about loving cars... they look better without all the stock shit and even better with more non stock shit on em ahhaha

I love how the Taco Bell logo just hovers over Ale's head for most of the video.

Why are we paying attention to those things :P hahahah damnit!

Just so you know, they can ticket you same day for license plate and tint tickets. They can keep ticketing you daily until you put it on, I got a tint and plate ticket 7 days apart from the same cop no less.

What state? CA?

The shit about to get real so many hot cars coming out

that and a lot of things are about to roll out!

Those cutouts look like possible future air vents to me! Maybe for the V12?

omg I'm with you Ale, Panamera over Rapide all day. Especially if its a fucking Turbo S ZERO comp. Bythetint super hilarious

Wow Farshad was dressed as himself today, he's looking sharp!👌🏽


This Aston is pornographic.

It's not the Aston, so thank you! :P

It's not the Aston, so thank you! :P

30 seconds of the realist bitcoin / crypto investing advice you'll ever get. Please watch Mr. Alejandro... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbqecKr-2c0

Dear Farshad - If Saturday Night Live ever made fun of me or a production of mine as they did to you, I'd feel nothing but a sense of honor & accomplishment! "Cucks in Cars Getting Coffee" baby! #SNL lmao so cool😅

I freaking love this car, and this brand since looooong before I had my driver license. But this one is my favorite model from them all, no questions. Thx for sharing Ale!

What do you think of the current V12's? I like the idea of the new AMG ones coming in instead. LOL (pagani style)

Wait.....the 4x4 squared = For Sale? Interesting turn of events....

Basically the F150 GULF is far superior to the FOMO that drove him to buy the 4x4² :P

You guys will see comes instead later down the line ;) it's gonna be so retarded people will ask WHY?!

i can't stop specing this car, its just so beautiful

What is your favorite color for it? I am in love with the AMR signature green (acid green like).

And they say the "How many car guys does it take to open a hood?" joke is stereotype. Maybe not so much....

Fucking tricky!

No Farshad, you're not doing something right. You guilt people into giving you stuff.

I'd say that's very legit! :P

I fucking love this car, looks so sexy and the interior is delicious

The Spec for the LA Autoshow one was so insane! At that moment, we know it was gonna be fire!

I'd hit that....with mtly car.

Cant see the freaking video, Is it a glitch on my account, or is my membership lapsed, guys???

I thought team Salomondrin reached out to you and said your membership lapsed?

yeah, those accounts registered as 'pro' have the checkmarks next to them.

Seemed like your membership lapsed brosefo

So the question that I was asking you on IG was, Would you smash that axx? The ass man.

The Vintage ass of course

hahahahah this is a very delicious GIF

Not always first, always 420!

Numero 2

If y'all start to talk italian I could be really moved LOL

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