Poll: Wich car you think will be faster around the ring?

My bet is on the senna gtr due to extreme aero (and we all know what aero stuff can do (Acr)) although something tell's me that the project one might be faster..What's your guess?

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hard to say as the amg isnt really finished yet. My guess is that with the right tyres and setup the amg is faster

I think the regular Senna might just be faster. Alejandro definitely seems to think so

I think AMG Project one because of the 1 to 1 ratio that Senna doesn't have.


The regular senna over the project one?


Yeap me too.. cant wait

Senna GTR will most likely be faster than everything else but it isn't street legal. I still think that the Senna will be the fastest though

I can't see the Project 1 being lighter as it's Road Legal however no weight has been released by AMG... \nI wouldn't be surprised if they were refining it to improve it's numbers but can I see it beating the Valkyrie? \nNot sure but I'd love to see!

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