#RDBLA GOLD IMPALA, Broken Z06 & More!

This Monday: Yes we do it all! We take this 64 Impala to another level! From an old school mint green with graphics drawn on to full on Gold Chrome! Watch the process and how amazing this project turned out! A Z06 comes in with suspension issues and leaves with a new full KW V3 Suspension! Bringing you Video's every Monday and Thursday, REAL Shop content with lots of builds. Watch a very passionate family owned business get it done! We complete multiple vehicles daily (not monthly) and, have REAL return customers! Make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel and also following our official Instagram account: http://Instagram.com/RDBLA. Any Vehicle Work Inquiries please contact us at info@RDBLA.com or contact us via phone (323) 876-1033.

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that impala is so baller

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