Rimac at Geneva Motor Show 2018: World Premiere of the C_Two

Throwback to 88th Geneva International Motor Show where Rimac introduced the next generation of performance, the evolution of the hypercar. The all-new C_Two combines the very best materials and bespoke technology to produce something both revolutionary and eminently useable, with performance and character that elevates the genre. It is a car alive with technology. Top Speed: 412 km/h / 258 mph Acceleration 0-60 mph: 1.85 seconds (one-foot rollout) Power: 1,914hp / 1,408 kW Motor Torque: 2,300 Nm Range: 650 km (NEDC) Units: 150 Discover the C_Two http://www.rimac-automobili.com/en/supercars/c_two/ Video credits: The Autofocus

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