Salomondrin Finally Took me to Rome!

It finally happened people! We went to ROME! It was a year late but it happened and it was magical. After our Italian getaway it was back to work and lots of catching up to do. In the middle of all the work chaos Jess and I sabotaged the guys Facial and relaxing afternoon and got ready to head out of town once again. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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You guys are getting pretty good at Vloging! lol

Just returned from Rome last week and i didn't want to leave. Must go back soon.

as soon i saw Ale riding a bike i lost my mind


I am half spanish half italian.

Great Holiday! I love Rome...

Belen you look very middle eastern.

to sign off...."and as always dont forget to B QUICK"...which can lead into comments..or your lessons of when u want things ..u need to be quick the lesson of your fabric being sold out.

Look your best while chillin with style notes by Belen

Jess is a stunner.

ty for sharing your trip with us looks like a beautiful country love the videos

Funny she’s being called “mama salomundo” in YouTube ?

Ps. Before I watch the video I'm going to assume I'll hear a lot of fake Italian accents ???

Awesome trip... Hope you guys had a great time

Sorry B tried to watch it. I believe it’s froze on possibly jess quicks chest??

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