guys I'm so embarassed about this whole website switch fiasco... I know it'll get resolve but those messaging me that there isn't even a header... I can't control the programing process itself... I promise you I'm doing everything in my power to get us up and running ASAP :( so sorry this is making me kinda depressed

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hey whatup bro? i sent you a message by instagram but i think you havent seen it, please anwer me, i would love to meet you and learn something of you bro and ask you some questions too, i would really apreciate it, right now im thousan oaks, near from you man!

U still here Alejandro?

Hellooooo Ale!!!!

What issues?

the karma people did a review " the worst website in the world" :D \n \nbut yes this is honestly bad especially in the socialhub context. Also i am not sure the apologies post only for pro members is a smart move

I’d really just like it if the videos played audio through the app. Stuff happens we get it you’ve got a lot going on

Dude you don't need to apologize. Just like with any great product project erection etc. there is going to be some pain and inconvenience before completion. Just keep hammering away at and eventually it'll happen...

My pro membership is fucked so is this new format. I have been having constant issues for the last month. Should hire a good web developer.

We're working on it. (I'm a developer for the site lmao)

Hey Guys \n \nI can also assist with your CMS. \nAnd do not stress it happens with plugins. \nTake care we are all with you through thick and thin.

Well now we are hearing reports of people who cannot get a Pro membership nor cancel one because of the site. This has been going on for a bit too long. My advice would be to revert to the old site/format. Step up as a leader and not a friend. Either these guys can fix the problems or you find a team that can.

Chill shit happens! :-)

WE ANT GOING ANYWHERE! Keep pushing & don't worry about us we will always be here!

I miss the app notifications..?But all good though I know you guys are working hard on this!

its all good man I know the struggle as a developer. When I came on and got one of the 3 notifications it was like Christmas all over again :)

its all good man I know the struggle as a developer. When I came on and got one of the 3 notifications it was like Christmas all over again :)

Well managing new releases of sites can be quite the hassle especially when it's your first time trying this :-) \n> The good news is: your IT team is learning some valuable lessons and next time the transition will be prepared properly. \n \nBest of luck ;-)

Chill Alejandro grab a Corona and just smile! \nIt could have gone smoother but sh!t happens.

Hey if you need help with more programmers I am a C# .NET programmer I am looking for side work..

Honestly dude we all know these things take time it's not like you dont have content all of you still have stuff on your instagram etc to flick through no point in rushing stuff that will only cause more problems. And if your feeling depressed just go outside and look at your cars that will get your pecker going! Much love

Just keep give us some updates just so we know what is going on because we all miss this website and community!

where do I go to download the new site? I'm on Android

get your 4x4 back b4 its too late

Aww don't let the whiny manbabies get you down dude! It's gonna be awesome when it's all fixed. Growing pains are part of growing up. ?

Just my opinion keep up the communication it tells us you care. Keep creating content its why we are here. Stop putting P-Nos points in the videos till they are fixed we will be less frustrated and when you want to test them have the code be this isatest or this maynotwork.

As others said the important thing is communication it's ok if there are some problems(and there are a LOT on the new site lol :P) but just update us here or facebook or whereever you prefer so we don't feel abandoned ;P Don't be depressed we love you <3 But since the lack of communication your penitence will consist in buying a Ferrari :P

Ive been bumbed and disappointed about the website and lack of content but as soon i saw this all that was gone. Just let us know whats goin on dude! Communication is key. Post something to make us and you laugh ?

Thank you Ale! In the meantime download Blockfolio to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies for free!

People are being critical because you have built such a good thing here and there is a worry that it is falling apart. Just like how Youtube fails to communicate with its creators and users you just have to keep the members in the loop as much as possible or else support declines as quality does. Keep up the good work and I know most people still believe in this platform.

We became pros to support the growth and future of you guys not just for early access. These growing pains are just the infrastructure building for the future! Keep it up fellas!! We don't mind at all.

i have problems on the pc still logged in to the ios app so we just airplay that bitch! we’ll hang on boss ??

Dont undertsand the problem its working fine for me. dont be so mean with you bro ?

Super Veloce Jota

Super Veloce Jota

Don't be so hard on yourself this is the SVIPE after all. If you need help with something hit me up if i know how to do it i gladly help you guys

its all good big guy keep your head up no time to be depressed man business goes on lets win the day !:)

Awe come on we have faith in you guys don't sweat it shit happens dude

i have yet to be able to redeem any p-nos points :(

I truly haven't had big issues with the change other than on the Opera browser things get wonky sometimes but on Safari and Chrome the site seems to be getting better by the day since the switch...

No worries man . by the way what does Lamborghini SVJ stand for? I’ve been so busy with finishing the final tear of my degree and other life related shit I’m well out of touch. only thing I could think of was Sexy vagina which Lamborghini may well have called their car but I’m pretty certain that’s not what it means.

It’s okay dude we love you guys through the thick and thin! I’m sure there are some pro members out there that feel like their money isn’t being at stretched as it could be right now but it’s so cheap and it’s all for this channel to grow and become everything it’s meant to be! Thank you guys so much for everything you do

Don’t be depressed at all. The reason I’m a pro member is because your entire team is always effective and you guys actually care about your audience. I think your just degrading yourself over one small issue and you can’t be thinking about the negative. Yeah whenever something gets released for the first time ever there’s going to be some issues but I’m always honored to see what you do every day on your Social Media platforms because you’ve shown me what it means to be a real creator. The point is you’ve tried something new and to be honest it looks great but you addressed it and that’s enough to satisfy me because you created an entire community where we can all engage with each other (especially Belen) I can always look at your content anytime anywhere. I don’t care how many times I watched it I’m still going to be entertained!!

Any plans on blocking the span accounts which are ruining the Latest part of the website?

most of the site work for me on Webkit so.

This is why you have a project plan and back out processes when making changes to your production sites ;) \n \nThanks for the update. We do appreciate it. Now were's out P-NOS for our troubles? And no Persian P-NOS either those aren't worth as much.

I am happy to hear that you guys are working on it. Us loyal pro members are cool with the situation and completely understand. I just feel like the new people that find you on Youtube of Facebook and come here will maybe get discouraged by the website. I feel like we should be on point here for all the new guys to offer them interesting content and an pleasurable experience on the site that way they buy the pro membership and grow the brand. we are here for you jefe.

your good Ale its all a process and eventually it will be perfected. Nothing is perfect the first time an you've taught us that! Keep going even when you receive the SVIPE!

You did an incroyable job @Salomondrin ! We know that's not easy to migrate a website like yours. It's a huge task and we know it. \nWe know that you work so hard for everything and we appreciate it !! \nKeep your good work ! \nLove \n \nMarc

we are your OGs not like oj we dont judge brother....just like what ppl say to the gay community "keep doing you" brother

I wont complain as much now thanks for at least letting us know you are working on the problem.. \n \nThe og's problem was that we hadnt heard anything from anyone in a while.. So yea thanks..

Absolutely not a problem at all dude We know how crazy hard you guys work getting everything up and running with the website and all the new content you're working on. Nothing but love on this end ?❤️

Don't be depressed we are here in good or bad

Take it from a guy who deals PR on a regular basis: As long as you let people know every once in awhile that you're still working it people won't mind as much. If you don't say anything for weeks on end then yes people are going to start harassing you. \n \nWe love you and completely understand about the situation. Just don't let it disappear and expect us to not wonder what's going on. Update us every few days or so even if it's small stupid things.

Dude dont be depressed at all keep pushing and send that shit! You have almost 3 million people counting on you to keep winning this battle. It is what is but it's also good to admit that we all fail. That's what I call a good leader. Keep your head up perro!

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