Taking delivery of my new XXXXX!!!!!!

What's up you sexy mofos!? I've got a massive....

...video (get your head out of the gutter) for you guys today! In this episode:

- I finally got a proper boost
- Farshad avoids getting stuck
- and we have the most anticipated race of the year!


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ill b your driver..at no charge.im in hit me up

hey Ale great addition to the garage. its been so cool seing you and your garage grow since that hellcat cant wait for the future as long as you keep me entertained 😂

was it possible to do the headliner and pillars in blue too? nice spec though

Great SUV Alejandro love the Lincoln Navigator

You guys should check that V60 Polestar that shows up next to the turbo in the begining of the video!

On the turbo s scene "convertable" is misspelled. Correct spelling is convertible lol great video nonetheless! Fix it before it hits youtube

Alejandro is such a dick. Lol Come look at my brabus 4x4 2. They put everything back on correctly. Thats like a jab at RBD saying there work is crap.

What the shit? This was a funny ass video! Honestly, laughed throughout the entire video.

Excellent Content!

The pimp-my-ride piece was pretty awesome ^^

This is shit content.

Are the podcasts not being put on Google play anymore? I'm dying over here noticed I missed like 3 of em..?

Lincoln themselves if you contact them, will generally give you a day or two test drive of this if anyone was looking. One of the best vehicles i have driven!

So is *this* the airport car, or the E63?

I will be YOUR Driver!!!!!1 for freeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Cryptobyte :(

I wish you'd touch on specifics for why you believe BTC won't dip any lower/why it will go up/how it improves ANYONES quality of life? I hope your reasoning has zero to do with Market Cap or Trade Volume...those are indicators only the most novice investors focus heavily on. That's not my option rather the opinion of the most successful money managers & investors of all time.

He talked about it before, can't remember what video. Basically banks and shit are getting outdated and slow...He can't wait until crypto eats the banking market so there is not a big monopoly in the banking business. The internet has been coming after every outdated business, and money is next.

Ivan has great hair no homo!

I'll be your driver Ale, just fly me over and feed me and I'm all good

AND as a caucasian person I'm offended that I'm NOT offended by the P-Nos Points reward keyword. HAHA. Buddy might be the only caucasian there but we are ALL carcasian's. F#ck I suck at being funny.

Didnt you buy the E63s so you dont need the navigator anymore

That's what I thought too??

Congratulations on the NEW car Ale, now don’t go wrapping one of your 'discrete' cars chrome or Miami blue with Acid-green pinstripes OK. Hey you guys have been working hard, Take 3 of the supercars somewhere on a small little day out. Do IT!!!! Never a big Porsche fan except for the RS models and the Targa just something about the Targa i like!

Surely Beau or someone at GAS would still have Xzibit's contact details. It would be so epic if they could get him in to hand over the keys to the Raptor when it's done and tell you that you've been pimped. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I'm just sayin y'all could put Ivan in every video and I'd be a happy camper! He just seems so positive and enthusiastic about every thing. Also that booster seat was hilarious! 🤣

That navergater is sick😎 wowwwwww

remember when they added pics of what car they were talking about..................those were the days lol

Sweet ride ale!!! Keep up the great work guys!!!

Farghini closing the window on his neck was one of the greatest things ive ever seen

I miss the 4x4

Y'all already did a launch control in the white turbo s wayyyyy back then.

ALE a regular car is not a Porsche turbo they start at like 170k lmfao.

I remember how the interior of the 2000 Navigator impressed the shit out of me (we ended up getting a ml320)

You need to clear up this shit with RDB i can't watch a video in piece without seeing them drag you in the comments

Brand new car every week and shit. Man, living the life!

That navigator is awesome! also great video i was laughing all the way through lol

I second this. That Navigator is BOSS. I want those features (especially the massage seats).

Lots of bashing on the Navigator wheels. But I like em. They fit the motif. Don't change them.

I can't imagine changing anything except adding some stickers and trunk seats (please wrap it matte white)

Congrats on the Navigator dude that thing is sick af 👌🏽

I forgot about the Raptor

Farshad, "be careful where you put your mouth", had me cracking up, lol! Also so true, haha!

That navigator is PIMP

I know the liability would be a bitch, but you should have a contest on what viewer would be your best driver. I'm sure you would have thousands of applicants

I thought the same thing :D

That Lincoln is so well designed and featured...... and then you get to the wheels..... some of the worst I have ever seen.

Damn that race was close!

Who spells Convertible with an "A"? :D

At 24. 58 I was so high I got so confused as to how there was a BMW reversing backwards in the other lane next to you

Anyone else lowkey hoping for a malfunction when Farshad stuck his head out the window?

Congrats on the new ride Alejandro!

Pretty steep ask for the Performante. At todays price that's a hefty premium over what you can buy other Performantes at. Lamborghini NB has one that would cost less than 50 BTC.

The new Navigators are excellent.. but those wheels have got to go, and quick!

Hey CD players aren't just for Asians!

Have they tried advertising the 4X4 as “driven by Nico Rosburg”?

I thought this car was going to be the airport car but you ended up getting the E63...what will this car be? I can see you putting this in the rental fleet.

For his wife in case he is using the E63

Legend never die. Boost or Bust son.

That's fucking sexy!

I'll do it if you agree to a 2 year futures contract, in a heartbeat lol

I spent some time driving a 14' Panamera Turbo S I loved incredibly

Ivan is a good dude

Too many 'x' for me, you just need two :P Yes, it's a Ferrari reference LOL

Let's be real here, you did have a massive something going on in there. You have been pegged!! Oh wait I meant pimped.

wudduup guys welcome the early squad :D

1st again wohoo

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