The best thing to do with $10k!!! Lit Q&A

What's up my G's!?! Today's video is an "ask me anything" format for only pro subscribers. If you have any questions for the next video, let me know in the comments below! Enjoy!

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im sad to not see u enjoy the pinche volcano!

could you explain the best way to launch and grow a personal brand.

the scion isn’t at RDBLA

what vehicles did your parents drive, did you ever feel embarrassed getting dropped off at school?

Hope to see you at a callout again! Im the guy who helped you out after that. As I'm telling buddy to hold the shot as you puke!

You're not an a la madre kinda guy. lol.

LaMans Not Lamaze

I've paid for my pro membership but can't watch the latest pro videos......

same here :'(

I've paid for my pro membership but can't watch the latest pro videos......

When are you guys going to a video on that Vector you briefly showed in that other video?? Pleasseeee!! 😃

Only content I care about

Only content I care about

i have never been so disappointed as seeing as scion as before. and i hate scions

I'm so out of the celebrity gossip loop that I didn't know that Halsey and G-Easy were even dating till they broke up. I'm always getting those sorts of breaking news headlines from the news app and half the time I don't even know who the people are. 🤣 I love the intro and ending on this. I'm feeling the love guys.

The veyron is my dream car , i will own one

Did you cut ties with RDB? i can see the scion project car in the background

Can you name all the cars you own, including the ones you have with your business partners(Evan Paul etc).

Can you name all the cars you own, including the ones you have with your business partners(Evan Paul etc).

NewuserBrian, if that's your real name I know a Alejandro doesn't want me to do this, but I'm going to drop some knowledge on your pea-size brain which is probably the same sizes Trump. There are quite a few different reasons why a man is with a woman looks always leave a woman looks always leave a man but intelligence never goes Belen has Intelligence, looks she's nice and farshad like strippers and three ways , that should tell you something about the type of women you like and a type of women he likes.

is that Ivans car in the back?

This is an easy one fellas. If you need the recipe ask Rob Ferretti!

You should take the 600LT on a tow truck and put a ferrari cover over it so they think its just another ferrari that needs to be fixed lol, should be easy to get in!

Ayyeee love these thank you!🙏 And also just confirmed I don't think there will be a YouTube call out so never mind...

Farshad? Is that you or your secret twin?

Will i be able to buy some Salomondrin coffee over here in the UK? Or will i be able to get it shipped over here? Thanks!

Alejandro, I think Farshad has much better taste in women. Halsey, with dark hair, looks pretty nice. On the other hand, that dark chick that you like looks kinda like a man.

I see Ivan car! I miss the RDBLA family!

i wish i just knew what to do with my money! I'm clueless and just burn through it. if i had someones direction i could be a lot better off! I'm using your fantasy crypto app trying to learn but I'm terrible. if i put my money into bitcoin i wouldn't know what to do with it

Please go to Greatwood

I'm hoping so hard that it will be the Pista shitting on the 600LT and not the other way around LOL

the 600LT will piss all over the Pista

It's plausible but have a little faith, Ferrari still knows how to make great cars :D

Can't tell if that is a convertible range rover evoke or Ivan's old shitty car that got chopped up...

Was wondering about that as well...I think it looks like the Ivan's car.

might as well just blow it up in Nevada at this point


Is that Ivan’s old Scion in the background?

Is that the Scion in the background?

I think this is an stupid question but I'm wondering if you wash your cars or if someone else does it for you, always are clean in all videos

this was answered recently in a video. Fourshad does all the cleaning

what alt coins are you interested in right now

I guess as long as Farshad is the one picking the questions I won'tbe featured on these. I'll use smaller words next time Farghini...

I spot a scion

Halsey is hot, I like the 570s but hope the 600LT looks far better than it in person, fuck you guys, Ferrari is best.

they're definitly the best engines... 3 years in a row too

definitely* lol

is lit QandA is for pros or it will be available for everyone on d site after a day or two?

Is Farghini rolling balls? lol

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