The lawsuit is settled | PODCAST VIDEO - LTACY EP215

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! In this week's irregular programming of an unprofessional podcast, we discuss: - Which cars have the most soul? - Porsche takes 10% of Rimac - There's a new Accord of Electrification...what does it mean? - Ford and VW partner up for the chicken? - Audi CEO is arrested - Lawsuit was finally settled - Major sabotage at Tesla! - Farghini's Good News, Bad News Enjoy!!! You can also listen to the podcast here:

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I think someone at Porsche saw the drag race lol

When can we purchase the pro member dog tags can it be sold exclusively for pro member

The Skyline had rear wheel hydraulic steering in 1989.

Fun Fact Elon Musks first car was a 1978 BMW 320i so he and Rimac both started with a BMW lol in his book he stated that he referenced a lot from his first car with the first Tesla Roadster.

Ale, any plans on buying the McLaren Senna or the new Aston Martin DBS??


What about Merc working with Nissan on their X-Class...

Why isnt anyone talking bout how this will effect aston martin?

Hey homes, I haven't heard anything about your taco joint in awhile , wazzzup ?

Slovenia is not Slovakia btw

Whats the new channel your talking about ale. Is it ltacy Salomondrin. Or is it a new one. I dont know what that new channel is. Please let us know

I was wondering the same thing, if you click on the Youtube icon in the bottom right corner of the video it'll take you to the new channel, it's called SalomondrinExclusives.

Jon Olsson news: his G Class is ready so i am lucky Salomondrin sold his cause Jon again just made his 4x4 even better :D

I thought a jimmy was a rubber. Sha-wing!

Not only VW is going electric, Mercedes with their EQ division is coming and don’t forget their SLS Electric Drive... Bugatti will never be all electric. Big problem Electric cars have is electric because on eastern countries it came from coal so they polute more than old diesel. Second they have enemy in alcohol which is made from garbage in Brewery and you can convert any petrol car on E85 easily and car compaies dont need big investment to change all cars to drive on alcohol.

I do have a serious question. what would you think, and how hard would you laugh at me being 60 years old buying a electric four-door GTI? And I'm dead fucking serious, and yes I would Uber it here in Austin

As far as American cars go when the government was helping companys recover after 2008. The had a plethora of engine blocks they could do nothing with. So they asked the government, could we use these old engine blocks, That were not made for saving gas. The challenger, Demon, Corvette, Henessey and so on. 1971 was suppose to be the end of such Performance cars.

They totally skip the 12 cylinder Mercedes I can't believe it...

hey ale, i am a pro member from slovakia, and car industry is quite developped here, there is a major VW factory whitch is the only one in the world for VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Q8 and also Porsche Cayenne. we also make small VW group cars there like the VW up and Skoda Citigo. There are two other plants in slovakia, one is KIA, Citroen and Peugeot, so Jaguar and Land Rover will be the 9th and 10th brand slovakia makes cars for. We are a small country of 5mil people, but our production in the year 2016 was 1mil cars, whitch is 20th in the world overall. and since 2007 we are the worlds larest car maker per capita. Just a bit of info for you about my country and our car industry :) i really enjoyed the podcast btw :)

I think R&D goes down because all the big players like VW are now putting there cars in the same platform. You can now buy a panamera, Tiguan or a Bentega and have them run on the same platform.

This video has no link to play on chrome or safari browser. I can go to the listen only link but nothing for me to play the video.

Slovenians are not russians. As mexicans are not brazilians.

guys, love you so much, I come from slovakia, actually from Nitra - where LandRover/Jaguar factory is located :D here is something about us, PLEASE watch it

just got the notification for this wanted to let you know since the new 2.0 or what not i havent been getting them on time. that being said i also randomly went on here yesterday great video as always.

Suzuki Jimny guys, already out in South Africa just a new one on the way.

It's definitely Suzuki Jimny lol. Just the right type of car for Fourshad.

That intro lmao! Never driven a Ferrari but I found the 50 mph thing intriguing af. Does Porsche's 10% investment into Rimac really mean Mate will see future Porsches before others, like they hired him personally? I hope so! Lifetime membership 🤣 fuck you Fourshad haha! If "Diesel Gate" happened over 10 years ago & (Tesla was founded in 03') maybe I'd buy into your argument but even then $30 BILLION dollars is around 30% of the VW conglomerate's current valuation=market cap. That's a lot of fucking money to spend BEFORE you spend any on R OR D....👀 )get it R&D lol. Loved Buddy mentioning Ford & VW working together, the entire concept is extremely interesting. Ford GT subject; Ford isn't donating anything to charity, John Cena has to donate his realized profits after buying & selling the FGT. The profit from selling the car is what the lawsuit is over. Oh & btw I'M A SLOVAKIAN!!! lol jk that accent tho 👌🏽 apparently Slovakia is beautiful af who knew🤷🏽‍♂️

can someone please get a bubble level and tilt the pic of the 5 hyper cars a little to the lift and also the one with 458 a little to the left and check the other ones.

dont worry buddy, i have like 20 shirts from RSVLTS!! and yes i am white!

Im Follower from Slovakia :) Slovakia is part of eastern europe. Btw great podcast. Cheers

Many electronic devices have increased in quality, size and performance and are significantly cheaper than they were previously. Televisions are a great example, much cheaper for more than previously.

Just listened to Mate in Croatian news, and on the question:Would you let Porsche to involve in major decisions and projects; he said: yes,we would like to be like that coz they will help us grow and reach mass production. He is building a new factory as well near the capital Zagreb. Ale, you guys should visit him, do factory tour and maybe be first to drive the prototype. And Croatia is lovely in summer.

I wonder if those PRO "dogtags" the guys are wearing are available for purchase... Good episode BTW.

Buddy got a nice shirt

about the citroën C4 cactus ( yes that's the full name ) the things on the door are call " airbumps" and are now on every single model citroen is building ( but they are implimented way better than what you saw on this cactus ) here's the 2018 cactus for example. ( still a low tier car tho )

love my 4th of July hat

probably not first !

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