The new G-Wagon is here!!!

What's up you sexy mofos!? In today's episode: - I couldn't make my wife this happy - Farshad becomes a flipper - and we go full Top Gear on this one! Enjoy!!!

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Dumbass the shape of the G wagon is a big part of its appeal

What song is being played around 4:13?

The G-wagon is Mercedes most rugged SUV but no one takes it offroad. Why not spend the money on something that is more comfortable, more capable of caring things and get more bang for the buck?

The G-wagon is Mercedes most rugged SUV but no one takes it offroad. Why not spend the money on something that is more comfortable, more capable of caring things and get more bang for the buck?

please try the window speed in 1963-1981 Mercedes 600 with the hydraulic windows

Make sure that’s an actual ticket from the city because there is an outfit going around giving tickets for infractions like no front license plates in LA but they’re not authorized by the city

Officer Pena strikes again!

Saludos perro its very nice that f**k car saludos desde shicago haha

Hahahaha you have to display the table with all the results like TopGear

Love what you are doing...... I would appreciate if you're clothing line could deliver to India..... Keep up the good work brother.❤

Is it just me or the website keeps crashing been having this problem for days now. Today it seems to be working but other days I keep getting bad gateway messages....

sch-Ö-ckl's a fucking ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ And it's simple as fuck....take the word "girl" sounds for germans like "görl" so say "sch-girl-ckl without the g/r/l of girl.....EASY!!!!!

Dude what the fuck did you just say?

Or just say „chocl“ ;-)

You do realize that the new G wagon interior looks exactly like The Navigators... But with worse Front seats

I think my vw GTI window is faster lol

Drive the AMG GLA 45

you guys dont take in account the size of the windows

but you need to consider the size of the window, the G is like size and a half compared to the E...

Are you guys going to test drive the new Range Roger Valar and Range Rover Sport? To do a comparison of SVU in that space

Dude it's baller af so damn cool, I really didn't like all the brushed aluminum trims when I first saw it but it goes great with this spec👌🏽

Flipper Fourshad🤣

Dude sick congrats again on the new G!!! super lit I'm sure Belen is going to love it, I'm expecting a softer ride tho bud. I've driven a 16' G63 & just based on that there's a lot of room for improvement!(still watching the vlog)

To be fair you should consider the height of the window compared to the time ... the window on the G Wagon is way higher compared to an an E class... it's like comparing drag racing time of differents cars on differents distances... :) Can't wait to see the results on a bunch of cars , that should be fun :)

Hahha. Stewart (the AMG Trainer) is the man. He's doing the tour right now across the West coast to show the G63 to everyone.

Love your content guys ,and yes very nice G-Wagon much better then the old one way better

New G-wagon does look good still would have the range rover though

I love how the guy is looking at you guys timing the new G windows lol

when I see a g wagon I have a boner

Measure the distance the window has to travel in centimeters and divide it by seconds. Higher number = faster

I feel like the size of the windows is really skewing the results here. you should account for the distance the window has to travel. Imagine how fast a Camaros window goes up...

Wait a second. My girlfrinds 2007 prius has keyless entry... and that didnt? I just dont understand, if your going to have all the "tech" on the inside, then why go the whole mile? I dont understand car companies

It's easy to steal a car with keyless entry. Basically with keyless system

I actually don't like the looks on this compared to the older one. Interior seems better, but still not great for the price. The outside? Square look looked better to me.

you should measure size of window as well for distance traveled to get more accurate competition in terms of speed of the window. im sure my sprinter window is much faster but defintely lose out on time because of the size of window like the g class

That goes to show most Mercedes are designed and targeted towards older folks!

you can kiss the urus goodbye! haha

Saw one of these on the road in New York two days ago. Shit is sexy as fuck and stand outs for real!

Always thought the G’s interior was sub par, nice to see they stepped up the game with the new model

I bet officer pina was the guy that gave you a ticket. He gives everyone a ticket in effspots videos in Beverly hills he's a huge dick.

Are you going to wait and order the G73 or settle for the new G63?

I've never been a fan of the G Wagon but that's nice.

Dude I have been going through a lot of personal stuff and these videos keep me happy I am trying to keep it together

Garage update: Belen’s new G63 AMG and Alejandro new G65 AMG

No one is going to mention the G meter in the new G wagon?

You have the two most important tests for a car, the trunk challenge and window speeds

The G Wagon always looked like a crappy car made out of legos. Now it looks like it's made out of legos for emo toddlers - no sharp edges...

Hahaha you guys need to create a page here where we can add times from our tests with window times. Or at least an instagram page / hastag whatever ahha

I'm sorry but I'll never understand the appeal of the G-Wagon, imho it's just a very expensive rectangular box of steel LOL

I think it's really an LA status thing. Here in Europe I don't see that car, EVER.

come to est Europe, and you will be amazed

Definitely an improvement and it looks awesome, but to be honest, the bar was set pretty low. Upgrading from the 70's isn't a huge accomplishment.

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Such a stunning car shame its a brick :(

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