This could stop me from buying German cars | PODCAST VIDEO - LTACY EP213

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! In this week's irregular programming of an unprofessional podcast, we discuss: 3:08 - WE WILL NEVER BUY CARS FROM THESE BRANDS...EVER!!! 14:50 - Trump is drawing a line in the sand 23:55 - Boattails and Hoes!!! 30:45 - Joey quit Top Gear BBC 38:52 - The Golf R is going to be a monster...seriously! 43:45 - Dodge is trying to steal Raptor sales from Ivan!!! 47:14 - There's a FAKE URUS on the way! 49:40 - Farghini's Good News, Bad News Enjoy!!! You can also listen to the podcast here:

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Sorry Ale, the best Maserati ever is the 450S! It's stunning, sounds incredible and it is just such a legend... Even the Birdcage and 1955 maserati 300s would be my choice over the MC12

Love the podcasts! they keep me company when I drive between Nor Cal and So Cal. American Cars need to stop being so boring in comparison to other cars! For the longest time American cars were edgy and had some flare but they went away because they didn't keep up with the trends in America and cars coming from overseas, Example the Nissan Fairlady Z.

Ayyyeee the homies finally going to do more Audi vids hopefully.... RS7 is such a dope car

Thanks for all the entertainment once again 🖐❤️

love these podcasts! thank you guys

Ale is so scared of the US Govt...always sucking up to them...lmao!! or no jobs, fair or not....the only reason german cars dominate is that they are better than American shit....Period!

remember geely making a fake phantom

BUICK!!!!! farrrrrrrghini

The Chicken Tax was implemented on light trucks by Lyndon Johnson because of the 25% Tax France and Germany implemented on Chicken Poultry U.S exports to their countries. For me the only car company I would never buy from is Toyota their cars lack soul granted they are pretty much rock solid and reliable but they are appliances. I wouldn't put Alfa /Maserati down right now this is their comeback car with the Giulia and Stelvio and the car hasn't received its mid cycle updates and also they got a great person in Head of now with Timothy Kuniskis he's a car guy through and through and I have a slight feeling his going to be Sergio replacement when he retires at the end of 2019....

I think I would never buy a Toyota and not because of its mechanics because they are obviously good but because of their looks. They are such an ugly brand. I understand why you guys would say, Alfa Romero. However, I feel like if they get the right people who are actually passionate about the brand and are not only there to pick up a check the brand could potentially go back to being as unique and prestigious as it used to be. That's just my opinion. 😄

VW is doing the Golf because Mercedes puts way over 400hp in the new A45

This build your cars in the USA mindset would be quite bad. Even now you can see big quality differences between the cars build in Europe vs Amerika. And for Example the G Class has to be hand built at Magna Steyr in Graz.

I'm so sad that you Ale said Alfa Romeo, with all the shitty brand there are in the world LOL Alfa is doing great cars again and I genuinely think you would enjoy them, and for the future there should be really nice cars coming from them!

The chicken tax also affects Mercedes sprinters, the final assembly is done here in the US as well

Trump owns a SLR

The BMW models produced at the Spartanburg plant are the X3, X4, X5, X6 and X7 SUV models.

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI), Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Welcome to Tuscaloosa County Alabama, U.S.A, and the production location of the Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV, GLS SUV, the C-Class for the North American market and the GLE Coupe

As soon as I heard boat tail all I could think of was the 66 corvette. Love that red wide body one they built!

Felt kinda ashamed by the HuanSu news cuz I'm Chinese... But fuck it I'll get you the allocation.

Where can I turn in my application to be a hooker for SVIPE Repos?

LMFAO those Ivan jokes were damn hilarious guys😅 30 cars in two days god damn it dude haha👌🏽

Rebel TRX > Raptor

Bugatti, Alpha Romeo, and Buick... I would choose Mini Cooper

On the German US car deal, Chevy & other US car makers are outsourcing production while Germans are building vehicles in the US... There's no pretending that's not the case bc it is. Not banning German car sales would leave a massive short to long term void harming the market. Consumers won't settle for a crap replacement & later on we'll look just like trumps pal Kim rolling around in a pathetic rip off Rolls Royce...that boattail shit was hilarious

You guys are wrong on Buick. I picked up a Buick Encore for my daughter and it’s beautiful. Loaded and very luxurious for $23k. Great value and really is a good looking car. Quiet, great touch-screen, Apple-play, lane-assist, plenty of room and a very quiet ride. Beats a Smart car by a mile and gets 30+ mpg.

If trump trys that, you wont be able to buy a Ford or a GM in America... Because they are Mexican. Honda and Toyota are the most US cars in the US.

The GLE and GLS are already made in the US

isn't he targeting specifically German cars though?

Tweet trump saying that you are an influencer for the car enthusiast vote, and want to interview him about the MB deal.

I don't get it... the Gulia Qadrifoglio outranked the M3 & C63s in many of the comparison reviews...I get the rumors of reliability but they wouldn't be the first to struggle with reliability. It's an Italian car lmfao come on

I've had two alfas put a massive smile on my face, but in the garage all the time. Pissed me Italian cars!!

No more German cars in the U.S? Hell naw I hope that's not what's going to happen ahahah, on bright side My RS7 will appreciate . On the other side if he wants the manufactures to build the cars here that would be great!! That means that I'll have the RS6!! Ayyyyyy!!

Ale, that 56 Jaguar XK 40 Roaster from Cruel Intentions was delicious...and so was Sarah Michelle Gellar! (Mexican whistles)

Buddy why do you support Trump, he called your wife ugly lol


What is it? please tell me! :-( Is it a USA-Thing? (I'm from Europe)

it Big Black C*ck ...

It would be nice if you could edit in pictures of the cars so we can see.

I commented on the app and thought I was first but my comment disappeared

I can't wait to see the upcoming super light weight Lotus SUV lmao

Ayeeeee Podcast video

Owner of the Sweptail is @mwvmnw i had to copy and paste that...

Alejandro the type of guy to pass on alfa Romeo instead of Toyota smh

you don't need to do the two cameras to one is fine.

for the longest time, Kia would have been on that list and then the stinger came out

I hope the audio here is ok. Missing new content, feels very slow to release at the moment, and not much to see either. Hope it picks up soon...

<---Golf R Owner here, Appears the MK7 will remain 2.0L engine. Shame really, while these cars can hit 400HP in the current setup, the sound is still the sound of a crappy 4 cylinder. Turbo upgrade and the MK7/7.5 will do 500HP. So it's doable but that setup isn't as reliable. Next Golf R will need to be amazing to convince me to buy one over a CPO 2.5L RS3.

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