Good morning you sexy mofos!!! In today's video, I want to take you for a ride and talk about something that will change the car landscape forever. What do you think? Is it a big deal? Let me know in the comments below!!! Also, check out the podcast here for more discussion on this topic:

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I really don't think this is a big deal at all. Could it be that Rimac needed capital and this way VW shares the intellectual capital? Therefore by making the deal Rimac is able to continue its independence with a capital influx and Porsche is able to avoid costly royalty and licensing payments to Rimac when the E-car market takes off. Porsche has made these types of deals before smaller innovators with the Tiptronic and PDK transmissions.

I think you nailed it on the head. The company was a proof of concept.. This is a huge deal!!!! Why asian car companies arent worried about it. They are in the battery business... Why bother making the car... more money in batteries

1. Glad to see or hear rather you driving the hellcat lol. 2. Yes this Rimac deal is huuuuuge huge ( trump voice). I think the fact that it’s not being talked about , actually kinda shows the scope of it. I think it’s not being hyped up for a reason. VW group will be the first manufacturer to have a option of electric for every single model soon. I don’t know if any other manufacturer can even match that in the next decade.

Off topic: How will these manufactures manage the torque delivery to new customers coming from combustion vehicles? will they regulate it like Tesla? Will they still have different divisions of cars, or will all cars have the same capabilities and power?

Your definitely on to something Ale, this is big, a real competitor to Tesla moving to the future. VW has a leg up on the competition. This colab will push Porsche even further ahead. If they can deliver that driving experience along with EV, OMG that will be epic

3:30 LMAOOOOOO that women was tripping BALLLZZzz

Is it not possible, that Porsche just want to make a street legal racecar to can race in the upcoming WEC GT class? Why have they made the 919 EVO? It is totally pointless (neither race legal, nor street legal). Unless it is a test mule. The 918 could not compete against Senna, Project One and Valkyrie. Not to mention Toyotas WEC inspired car.

are you in the hellcat

I think Porsche / VW will eventually own majority of Rimac or as much as they can. Its an amazing play – they don’t have to develop the electric tech in house and can focus on chassis, aero, design etc.

I Think Rimac has it's foot in and was working with Porsche on the Mission E, it will start of small too test the waters of what they can do together and is it's Positive they will implement everything in every part of the VW group even the Lambo's will get some electric something from this.

TAYCAN = Mission E

Funny talking about electric cars in a hellcat lol

how how how can we buy in? since the first time you introduced me to rimac i knew it was the future, with his old school electric 3 series to concept one and all manufacturers outsourcing i knew he was the tried and true source, the sky is the limit and rimac controls the future

It's a huge deal, I actually think Porsche made a bad deal and should have purchase a larger share, Rimac is probably valued less than 1B$ which is pocket money for Porsche. Maybe their deal has an option for more. I saw the Mission-E in person and it looks AMAZING! It's gonna be a hit for sure. It's always cheaper and a safer bet to let startups do the hard work, and pay them a little premium and merge them into your enterprise. That's what all the big tech companies do (Google,Apple,Facebook,etc.) no reason why it shouldn't work in the automotive world.

Well Porsche's net worth is currently 11b with 25.5b in sales while (Google, Apple, and Facebook) are valued at over 100b (Facebook is only 96 but I just rounded up for them and down for the others. So while investing a small portion into Rimac could possibly turn out to be a wise investment (leaving open a door to invest more later) Shelling out 10% of your total net worth or 4% of your total sales revenue to purchase an electric powertrain company that only has created two platforms (not counting any collabs I'm not aware of) would not be a smart investment.

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I really hope this means Rimac is about to move on up. Mate is so smart and really seems like a great guy. I really don't like Elon Musk so I'd be thrilled to see somebody nicer come along and steal his thunder. Even if all they're planning is another hypercar it's gonna be epic cause the 918 and the C2 are so incredible. Surely putting all the brains behind them on the same team is gonna mean great things though? Having that trickle down and the rest of us getting to benefit from all that tech would be amazing. 🤞

Anything Rimac does is golden. Elon better get ready to step up his game.

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This is huge and will most definitely change the game moving forward!. This you can bet on!🏁

As soon as I read about the deal with Porsche I was thinking the same thing!! This has the potential to be Huge!!

Where is the podcast?

Am I the only one that thought the chick @03:10 looks like Jess?

I don’t know what will gonna happen, but I am sure that Porsche recognizes Rimac as “electrical Porsche”. As you know, Porsche is the most successful car company in the Motorsport world, they hold all the records, they won all the races and I think they are aiming Formula E. Anyway, the best mechanical engineers will join the best electrical engineers and something incredible will come out. BTW from 2021 Le Mans will have hypercar group (like 911 GT1, Lotus Elise GT1 and CLK-GTR from the late 90’s) and Toyota is making road legal hypercar derivated directly from the LeMans winning car.

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Honestly I think this is just going to be a deal to make a few Hypercars. If your “based on history” then let’s look at when Mercedes owned 10% of Tesla. All we got from that was an electric smart car and the B class. Toyota also had a chunk of Tesla, and they got the Rav 4 hybrid. However Rimac and Tesla are different, Tesla wants to build their own company, whereas Rimac wants to build the tech for other companies so things could end differently. But then again, I can’t see this going beyond sports cars and hypercars at the moment because Rimac doesn’t build the correct drivetrain to trickle down into a Jetta. Their battery architecture and motor drive systems are completely different from a model 3. What they need is the drivetrain already built for the Mission E. Therefore Porsche and VW already have their EV technology, and that will last them another 10 years easily. The Model S and X are riding on the same drivetrain from 2012. The only way Tesla will improve that is simply new battery tech. The motors as they are now may never change until battery tech can support more performance. This is why I think the Rimac partnership is simply there for performance and hypercar building. Porsche, Lambo and Mclaren all admitted they are struggling to build a electric track weapon. However Rimac and Tesla just unveiled their hypercars that are track ready. I think Porsche is simply trying to catch up to Tesla on the hypercar front.

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I agree with you, Ale just partially, i think they use Rimac technology in Porsche, but after few years maybe, in smaller scale in rest VW cars.

Are you getting the C_Two Nr 7 or maybe the 69? :b

There will be interesting cars and vehicles as a result of this collaboration, no doubt (who knows, 10% sounds like an opening bid for a trial before they can completely absorb the company which would be great for everyone).

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It's a big deal, probably Porsche's only real move to combat Tesla market domination

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Bt the way i m curious in which car are you sitting??... doesn't look like E63S Wagon...

Hellcat my boy

I agree. They wouldn't have bought 10% if it were just a collab for a couple of new cars. It's definitely something big.

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I think you might have smoked some DMT in that last bong hit, but I do agree with everything you said. I WANT A RIMAC/PORSCHE 911!!!

Are you buying a Ferrari? :P

That for me would be a bigger deal LOL

He'll buy a ferrari when the portofino base price is less than 140k

He'll buy a ferrari when the portofino base price is less than 140k

The Portofino would be the last Ferrari he ever buy LOL

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You moved the Podcast! Where's the link?

Right, that's my question and now does it come out for everyone at the same time, no pro preview? I'm confused.

This is huge! Can't wait to see what comes out of this partnership.

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