This Karma is the worst car in the world!!!

What's happening my sexy mofos!?! Today's video is all about the Karma Revero. As the title suggests, it didn't really tickle my pickle and this is why! Let me know what you think in the comments down below. Enjoy!

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Hey guys I noticed that this review is no longer on YouTube. Was this a Youtube takedown or Karma? I thought your review was spot on and you mentioned many of the reasons I choose not to own a Karma Revero. What surprises me most is that even after they went out of business the oncoming buyers did not think the car needed any re-thinking. If Karma had it or you take it down from YouTube shame on them. They should be taking note and making changes. Keep up the honest reviews!

Does anybody know why this video isn't showing on YouTube anymore? I mean it wasn't to positive for the Revero but no reason to take it down right? That's the point of a review if it's shit it's shit. It's not a sales pitch.

I wouldn’t want a car called Fister either sounds like a violent ride.

I really wonder why vlamfilm took down the video? Oo

On youtube

why they deleted the video

Hey Alejandro you should try it’s Japanese rival the 2018 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid developed by Sebastian Vettel a car which I own presently will blow your mind away with performance and that for the price will dominate that Fisker easy

Getting really confused on the car giveaways for pro members. I haven't seen any announcement of any winner for the m3 or the sl55.

I think the one thing that would help that car the most is kill that fxxker wt fire ?

Farshad ruins everything...

either they go the Mercedes route and put a monster V8 in there or the Tesla route full electric. the change that console and make that crystal area either storage or remove it. make it a two door add some higher quality leathers and headliners. Think Roll Royce like headliner for super luxury. Up day all those secondary buttons to be like the transmission selector.

Ever since the new update to the site I haven't been able to watch videos on my MacBook (Safari) I click on the video on the home page and it take me to the video but there is no play button to click. Just the thumbnail image. Please help. I love being a pro member and waiting for the videos on youtube sucks major ass. Thank you.

The worst one is the rolls royce configured by farshad!

It feels like they grabbed this out of a $20 car... this reminds me of Lucille Bluth

It's such a good looking car! \nI see a few in Florida when I am over every time I stop and stare because it is gorgeous. \nBut as you mentioned these are flawed! \nThe Rapide is the worst car I've ever driven in a similar way the transmission is awful the cabin is awful the rear seats are shutty and the overall quality is so so poor! \nI hope that with both this Karma and Aston's next cars they hit it out the park! \nBut it is tough to see.... \nLove the honest review it's so refreshing!

That rear-cabin room is atrocious! I cannot believe they actually left it like that.

This is like the entry-level shittiest Lincoln from back in the day. That's why I subscribed. You won't get that kind of analysis from Car and Driver Motor Trend or Road & Track. Keep up the great work.

hey man I’ve had some issue getting into the app:/ ever time I do it kicks me out and it’s been like that for a while like 3 weeks or so this is the first time since then that I could get on the app I just thought I should let you know P.S. love everything you do as a team keep up the amazing work

Sad they didnt hit the mark with this you would think since they were resurrected that they would come with a better plan

Keep the design put a electric engine or a V8 twin turbo from AMG and then get some help for the interior. if they solve this 3 problems the car would kill it !!!

Honestly if i'm going for that type of car i would stop and look at the Karma ready thru the specs then continue on to my closest PORSCHE Centre and get a PANAMERA TURBO S E-HYBRID i was never a fan of the Panamera but drove this on Monday and it's an awesome machine and the small styling differences to the E makes it standout \nAlejandro I Would HiGHLY recommend you guys go drive a Panamera Turbo E after this just to get your 'karma' back after this. haha see what i did there.

Great review. Tnx.

What a waste of such talent. \nHad Fisker still be in Aston Martin it would have been so much better.

I finally got why you prefer the P1 over the LaFerrari! It's because you don't have to talk about regenerative braking LOL

I agree with you about how beautiful the outside is but they almost ought to gut the interior and start over. If it was just a teeny bit longer and didn't have freaking enormous recliners for seats then there would be a ton more room in that backseat. It either needs to go full electric or maybe have a turbo V6 or V8 to make it more zippy. As is it feels more like a Vantage knockoff. \n \nWhenever you get stuck trying to say regenerative it reminds me of Nemo trying to say anemone in Finding Nemo. Don't hurt yourself Ale! ?

Karma should do one of two things on the performance side if they are dead set on the car being a big gt type car reduce the weight of the car and put a v6 or v8 turbo. That would help the torgue that they wait from a gt. Or if they are willing to get creative turn the car into a coupe and shoot for a sports car that has some punchiness . Again go with a larger motor or work on a deal with someone like Rimac and go all electric. On the design aspects they need to address some of the elements that aren’t as user friendly or functional. Make the cabin seem larger and not as cramped and the seats should less complex they clearly over designed. If they want to keep some of the design aspects like the enclosments in the center consol and doors make them more functional like having them be able to open and use them as a storage space. The exterior of the car is beautiful and that’s the one area of the car that was knocked out of the park. With the location of the exhaust with a larger motor the sound can be vastly improved and not sound like any run of the mill four banger. As a whole the car has potential but needs some much needed tic to become more functional

I agree with you 100%, but actually the 2.0T engine isn't bad really, in my opinion is just poor engineering. I own a 2009 Saturn Sky redline with tue same engine and is capable of up to 500hp, mine with just new pipes, intake and tune makes 460hp.

I'm a designer so I can appreciate wanting to design a beautiful automobile. However there's a delicate balance between form and function; too much of one and you'll almost always sacrifice the other. The Karma Revero is obviously meant to be looked at and not to be driven.

just kill it and start over

Make more functional interior what comfort and room and go ahead and throw in a twin turbo v6 all-wheel drive they kind of sort of have that idea on a crystal from the Volvo SUV but I would make the car much more sportier what the Exotic luxury feel

Was it just me or did the audio levels seem too high on this one?

When you can you should set up a comparison of the ZL1 Hellcat and Shelby. Also do another thing with Fluffy of all three Hellcats together.

Drop the hybrid which would fix the weight problem. Make the column in the rear more narrow. Lengthen the car a little to make the back functional. AMG V8 up front. I think that would get you a car that people might consider against the others at that price. You're still buying the car for the looks but at least the identity is similar to the competition. The current version doesn't know what it wants to be. Its like an attractive Prius.

LOL bruh they tried way too hard to be different with that wild interior

Aston should get into paint with that much metallic flake? lol

I would first change the logo. I seriously can't get past that. I hate it. It looks like it fell off. Then they've got to improve the interior and the functionality. I personally wouldn't buy it for half the price they are currently asking for it.

Originally Fisker tried to save the company by offering the Karma with the 638hp corvette ZR1 engine. Never went into production. \n \n

I'm waiting to hear about the tata necklaces

Already watched in Spanish ....guess il watch in English :)

Please make an Apple tv app that would be awesome. (airplay stops when my phone locks and using my macbook is inconvenient) . Love your video's Bro

Please make an Apple tv app that would be awesome. (airplay stops when my phone locks and using my macbook is inconvenient . Love your video's Bro

Drive a manual M2 pls

How did they manage to get that up tot 5500 pounds wtf??

The first thing I would do to make this car work is change the name and make it a two door grand tourer with a mighty v12 to compete with the 812 superfast

I can't believe how bad the range is lol

I'd call Mate and go electric LOL

Also not able to reply again from phone or computer. Hopefully itll let me comment with screenshot. Assuming it doesnt... logging out and back in doesnt allow me to post successfully either. I was able to get one post in when the new site launched but not since then.

Ale out of this topic what do you think about Apollo IE and Lister Thunder (Retuned Jaguar F-Type)?

They (Karma) should go in Zagreb and look for Mate Rimac. Such a waste car for that beautiful design. That steering wheel that crystal thing and that two tone interior are really irritating.

That "richness" you talk about at 4:42 is called metal flakes. It's been done on lowrider cars for years the reason why you don't see it on top many cars is because it looks ridiculous on a Prius or a Camary. When it's done correctly it'll make any wrap or paint look like shit. \n \nBy the way these flakes have been used on lowriders for years. Get it together now Ale.

Why am I not surprised....

I can’t seem to be able to post anything from the mobile browser computer or app. Is this an issue for anyone else?

Make a car that was a complete flop ----> make the same exact car a few years later and pray that it works out. Seems legit

I guess we're all getting Fiskered today ???

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