Time to Pick My Ford GT Colors What do you think?


OK guys it's time to pick out one color for my Ford GT's! I'll just give a little background. I own one of the first prototype Ford GT's. If you didn't know the first 12 prototypes had serial numbers GT-101-112 and soon after the car was labeled the GT-40 (GT40P 1000.....)
Along with that I have an original GT-40.
In 2005 I ordered a red and also a black Ford GT. The black was an early car and not offered until later that year. It was one of the first 10 cars made but not a prototype.
I'd rather not go into any details mainly because I don't want to piss anyone off and not because of any NDA's. But basically I have a good relationship with Ford for decades. I negotiated two consecutive serial numbered GT's with them.
Basically because I have two daughters so most every special car is doubled. MultiMatic who is in Canada is building these cars. They did the carbon monocage for the AM One77 and now also for the Valkyrie. They have the ovens to cook the carbon.

The serial numbers I am getting are going to be early but I didn't want to get early cars because of issues there. So now I need to choose colors. I received an email, probably his PA, Raj Nair who is Executive VP of Ford and Pres of Ford NA. I can get the racing colors named "Victory"which is similar to the livery that won its class in the 2016 Le Mans. Which was the 50th anniversary of the 1966 1-2-3 win.

It consists of Frozen white,Liquid Blue and liquid red. with an American flag and GT on the doors. Raj car is numbered 0001 for 2018 production and Bill Ford and others just received their cars. I'm shocked no one has posted those link yet. So I think my consecutive numbered cars I will have to give up. I sent an email but not sure Ford can do what I want.

I was also offered the heritage color which is the red celebrating the red J car GT40 MKIV that won Le Mana in 1967. The man from Drag Times tried to get this but was unable to. I'm a black car guy but not sure what will happen. I'm leaning towards the Victory and let one of my daughters pick the other car. The Heritage is only limited to I think 12 cars and Victory is only offered to Ford employees.

I'm negotiating with Lexus to get that blue paint-Structural Blue- that they are using now in limited cars that took 15 years for them to make. it's based on the Morpho butterfly. Maybe someone can put up that video. I want to get that blue on some car, maybe Ford,Senna, 720 or BP 23.

We'll see

PS would this be considered a Harlequin car? lol


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Red and black is my favorite color on it so far

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