Tony Bought A Mercedes AMG GTR!

Tony buys another car! This time it's a Mercedes AMG GTR from Redline Specialist Cars. Visit the STG Shop: Subscribe to STG: You can follow Tony here;; ---- Music by: Joakim Karud And @dcuttermusic / ---- What I Use To Make My Videos: Main Camera - Drone - Second Camera - Microphone - Main GoPro - Alternate GoPro - Camera Bag - Laptop - Editing Software - ---- Follow me on: Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat: SeenThruGlass Facebook - --- Intro Music - Holismo, Sheldrake by Seiscientosdoce Channel Art & Intro Photography by Adam Shah [] & Chris Williams [] ---- Thanks for watching SeenThroughGlass. If you liked this video you may also like videos by Shmee150, Salomondrin, Supercars Of London, Car Throttle, MrJWW and Petrolicious.

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