Two epic Mustangs

A 1967 Fastback and a 2017 Fastback. 50 years separated the Mustang models I actually like....

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Stock vs stock the 67, but yours in this case

Sorry dude but I prefer the 67 ahahah


I'm not putting mine up against the '67 Fastback, it's just an image of the both of them together.

I know dude, yours would just loose completely ahahah joking ova hea, I love both I'm not a big fan of the styling in this new generation of Mustangs but with the changes you made it does look awesome!


ah i see! I dislike all Mustangs up until the 2015+ and the 1967 fastback. Otherwise the looks just didn't do it for me the same way. I absolutely prefer the look of the 1967 though.

I quite like the older ones, there those from around the 2000s that I don't like that much, but otherwise they are awesome, even the ones that they started to make in 2010 the 2015+ is a bit soft on the looks for me at least stock or not shelby

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