We lost it all!

What's up you sexy mofos!? Hope you have had an incredible weekend! In today's episode: - Farghini gets beat by the better looking man...again - Buddy gives a woman a heart attack - and I finally got what I was waiting for! Enjoy!

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Farshad's new found love for Soccer is only a means to advance his Bro-mance with Avi. For love of the game :-D


We need more wallpapers!!!

so sad that morocco and iran left the WC ..

Love these! Hey Ale do you mind giving us a hellcat video "first" drive from your perspective? Thank you sir!

Hey brother, he had one before and put a wide body kit & chrome/striped wrap.. look up the "hellgato" vids on his YouTube channel. It may be from 2016? Iono I've smoked since then.. perception of time is skewed

Buddy - lose the man-bun dude.

Just another nice content guys good job love it

Avi is such a good guy. Too bad that I'm in NorCal or I'd go buy a car from his place. 👍🏽

Was anyone else expecting a repo man to come and load all the cars on a massive semi based on that title?

Can your techs fix it so commenting and entering codes dosen't reset the video to the beginning, this isn't even a feature request because it used to have this functionality.

He finally took that stupid blazer off!! I was starting to think that Farshad thought he lived in an 1980's John Hughes movie, like pretty in Pink or some shit,

When did Farshad to a commercial for PPG??? 😂😂😂

thanks for the sh!t shot... haha was Buddy rocking a manbun?

What. The fuck. Was that. In Buddy's hair at the start. Please Buddy NOOOOO!

Man GAS is awesome. They literally fixed a bunch of things on the Defender out of sheer courtesy. I wish they were in my area!

For some reason this showing up in the website but not the app. As a pro member

Fourshad flashing the semi >,< lol! Defender = lit. Buddy made me laugh saying it was great for LA haha

We need an update on Buddy's Expedition and when we'll see the competition of the cars in the garage. Also, is the 600LT in the future for the garage?

Not first

Holy fuck it's Monday!?!?!?! I forgot about my Dr's appointment to have my discolored butthole flaps checked😱

You suffer from abnormal anus issues too? You sir have made my day, i thought i was the only one with sphincter issues. Feels good to not be alone <3

Rick and Morty, nice

Rick and Morty, nice

I don't even know why but I fucking love the title🤣👌🏽

congrats on the youtube buttons

Buddy, the plaque joke at the end... You deserve a slow clap for that one.

Also this video gave me 69 points, and it happens to be my birthday. I am giggling like a child right now. lol

I was so close to that number, 67. lol Happy Birthday to you sir.

Congratulations on all those buttons dudes!


"live it's life with it's top off"... That's what she said!

If Farshad parks like that here in Bellevue he'll fit right in :|

i'm so proud of myself holy shit

You deserve a ride in the perfermante that ale's storing/driving for free! (Still can't believe that those British chaps bought that car and live 4k+ miles away from it.)

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