Weekend Winged Warrior -Storms Ride

I don't usually publicly post pictures of any cars in our garages but I see recently several people are posting a similar car including Jay Leno. I'll drop a little intel off the top of my head to give a small taste of the winged warriors.

If you do not know this is a 1970 Plymouth SuperBird-only one year of production.
This is one of three or four cars that I drove while attending high school. I bring it out occasionally when Mopar guys get together with the new creations. Car was about four years old but in new condition by the time I was legally able to drive. At the time I never really cared for this car and drove the Shelby's more often. Many people think the color is Mopar Orange but it is in fact called Vitamin C. My brother who was four years older than me had a 1969 Jamaica Blue Dodge Daytona. Because I enjoyed this color this was the one I preferred to drive over the SuperBird. My bro finished college and moved onto other things along with other cars so I was the only one that really drove it. My sister who use to tear up the roads in a plum crazy '70 Challenger had moved on too.

When people speak on winged warriors they are speaking on the '69 Daytona & '70 Superbird. As many know these cars were developed for the NASCAR circuit and were the first cars to reach 200 MPH on a track by Buddy Baker. In spring of 1969 the Ford Talladega showed up on race tracks and this model was built for one purpose and that was for NASCAR racing. After the Ford's were introduced the Chrysler racing division decided to build the ultimate race car. They didn't care what it looked like or how practical it was because they only had to sell 500 "stock" cars to go racing.

So in 1969 the Charger 500 was introduced. The rear tunnel and glass were altered along with the front grill to improve the aero. They did take a bite out of Ford winning and later in the year introduced the Daytona model as we know today. This car kicked ass on the longer high speed tracks and dominated NASCAR for the next 18 months. For 1970 NASCAR increased the numbers of cars needed to be produced in order to be racing. Plymouth wanted a race car especially to bring back Richard Petty so 1500 SuperBirds were built. As I said this dominated the raceways of NASCAR. The following year NASCAR limited all the aero warriors to 300 cubic inch engines so the cars were parked because they couldn't compete with other stock cars being raced with the 426 race engine.

Aero Warriors included 1969 & 1970 cars built to race in NASCAR. The first was the 1969 Ford Torino Talladega followed by the Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II. These were followed by the 1969 Dodge Daytona and Plymouth SuperBird. The Mopar's are called the winged warriors. Many of these cars sat in dealerships. Most had the 440 engine and the 426 Hemi was an option. Some cars had their wings and front nosecones removed and converted into Charger or RoadRunner models. A few were scrapped when a small amount wanted just the hemi engine so the shell was used for parts.

Ok that's a brief history on these cars. I'll post another car next month.


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I look forward to any content you post. Thank you man

Thats crazy!! I drove a jetta in highschool lol

Does 2 car were a beast in nascar

Growing up I was into the Ford & Shelby's more. I have a bunch of the low productions units mostly convertible versions with the hemi. My sister had a similar car as your dads but hardtop. It had the same 440 engine. it was stolen and about a year later found out it ended up on the west coast and used in a bank heist. I guess they wanted a fast getaway car that weighed a lot. lol I don't post much I think many good posts get lost in all the picture posts with no to little content. I like those triple black cars I have one identical in triple black as the car in Bullitt. Thanks for the comment.

Great story thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for posting this. I have a 68 superbee 440 6 pack car and a 69 superbee that's been pro streeted. My dad has a 70 challenger 440/6 plumb crazy challenger rt/se convertible. A 72 duster and a 71 triple black 440'/ 6 cuda. My mom has a 70 Vit C orange bird like yours wt a 440/6 pack also. We love our mopars. I also drive a 16 hellcat challenger and a 06 viper gts. So glad you posted the info about NASCAR and the 200 \nMph mark. Sad they were flushed out wt cubic inch restrictions right after. Amazing content. I def be following you. So glad to have you

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