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Every wondered what exactly I do for a living?! Well I explain it in this week's episode! In addition to being a designer (and a stylist, property manager, a wife and animal mom). I never realized also run a logistic center until we started doing everything ourselves. Not only do I design the collection I handle the orders, shipping, packaging, photoshoots and everything else in between. It truly takes a village and I am so lucky to have Ale, Jess (who is my right arm!) and the Salomondrin team! Hope you guys like this video!

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UPS wont come to a residential for pick ups.

I need them socks!!

great to see the logistics behind a small company.

Literally the same process my Mother has done with her business! Have Belen check it out GlamourGoddessJewelry.com! Control and Quality are key!

Just curious why don’t you use UPS and schedule pickups at your house? Obviously I’m an observer and don’t understand everything around. But just a thought.

I love these videos they're so funny

Really good video Belen and Jess! Cool to see behind all that glamor lol.

Daamn.. my hoodie got a ride in the g wagon noice

one time I saw an edge without tape

pretty sure the post office will pick up the boxes

anyone else think to themselves 'damn buddy is a celebrity' when he showed up?

Have you tried using the post office for your business shipping ? You have enough outgoing for pickups ?

Is Jess Quick looking for a Canadian husband?

OMG you're alive!!!

I have to say these videos are great very cool to see "behind the scenes". Nice!

Wondering what suv Belen would drive if there was no Gwagon maybe the new lambo Urus just a thought.

looks like Youre also a bizzy bee ???

Great video gals. 1mill subs by Christmas for sure your next on list.

So that's who uses all the tape on the boxes. lol

farshad can give us tinder points

P-ssy points !! i need those

So I have a feeling that it’s Belen and her husband bell-end....

Always a blessing having a woman that “wants” you and doesn’t “need” you. There is a difference.... that’s how you know it’s love.

Belen please bless us with p-nos points in your videos.

Prettyfunvideos.. love the behind the scene stuff! keep it up.. Gotta remember to subscribe ..

shes a badass thats for sure!

This looks like so much fun!!

Heyy sing dat shit Belen

That's right errrrrrone... my woman has as many jobs as I do and is better at them too :D

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