What is CryptoKitties? A Chat with Mack Flavelle

KITTIESSSSSS!!! I had the pleasure of chatting with Mack Flavelle of CryptoKitties - we did this over a split screen skype session, so obviously the quality isn't the clearest, but he's not local to Los Angeles so I did what I could after he was gracious enough to sit down for a chat. For those who don't know, CryptoKitties are essentially collectibles on the blockchain. You can breed them, sell them, and do all sorts if interesting things. It's also a great entry point for people who want to get involved with some kind of crypto/blockchain company, but want fun to explore. ALSO: CATS!

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Cool interview. Still amazed at the value these cats have. The internet has made things weird. If you explained this to me 20 years ago I’m not sure I’d want to know what the future looks like.

Lol, it's def weird. I'm really interested in seeing how big the crypto collectibles market gets. It's like collecting beanie babies, but on steroids, and with instant price appreciation.

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