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    There's just something about a pair of clean white sneakers. It always makes the outfit look so fresh. Now keeping them nice and white is always the challenge! I find myself constantly looking for a new pair for Ale because he isn't the best at keeping them clean. Aside from the struggle of keeping the sneakers looking fresh it seems that there is always a new style out too! I love that Reebok has made a comeback and the Balenciaga sneakers with the neon laces have been haunting my dreams (i wish they made them for women!) And the EQT adidas are one of my favorites. Which one is your go to white sneaker?

    1/ Balenciaga 2/Nike Free 3/ Vans 4/ Converse 5/ EQT adidas 6/ Nike Air Presto 7/ Saint Laurent 8/ Reebok

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