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Nissan Fairlady Z next type, joint development with Mercedes Benz ... announced in 50th anniversary

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    Nissan's 2-door Sports Coupe "Fairlady Z" Next-generation information was obtained from European Agents. The competitor of the past year, the race specification of the new Toyota "SUPRA" has been released at the Geneva Motor Show, and the pursuit mood is increasing in Nissan.

    The first Fairlady Z was born in 1969, nine years earlier than Supra (Celica XX). Since then, it has become popular as a signboard model of Nissan. The current model "Z34 type" has been released in 2008, has already passed 10 years. In 2019, it is 50th anniversary of birth, and information that the next type will be released according to this is obtained. Spyder 7 created an expected CG based on the latest information.

    While inheriting the long nose body silhouette of successive "Z", it adopted elegance. In the side view, Nissan's unique C pillar, F / R tire made a bold slit around the tire to give a three-dimensional feeling. The front mask features a distinctive V-shaped LED, both sides are finished in a two-sided configuration with a slit in the part connected from a powerful large inlet and light.

    SUPRA was co-developed with BMW and became a topic, but Fairlady Z was developed with the cooperation of Daimler Z, and it is rumored to share the platform with Mercedes-Benz vehicles. In addition, the power train is expected to be equipped with a 2-liter inline 4-cylinder turbo engine made by Mercedes Benz. However, the top model is likely to be equipped with the 3 liter V-6 twin turbo engine installed in Infiniti "Q 60" (Skyline), and a hybrid model is supposed to be assumed.

    The world premiere is 2019, the 50th anniversary. The Los Angeles motor show in December is supposed to be influential.

    Original Source (translated from Japanese): https://www.msn.com/ja-jp/autos/news/日産-フェアレディz-次期型、メルセデスベンツと共同開発か…50周年に発表/ar-BBK90br#page=2

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  • A8mate
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
  • smoke3316
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
    I know it's a concept but the proportions look way off. Extreme cab rearward.

    • SnoopDoggo
      1 week ago 0 P-Nos Points
      Kinda like if the AMG GT had a threesome with a 370Z and an Infiniti Q60
  • ThatDude
    1 week ago 2 P-Nos Points
    Although I am digging the concept, I think the front end is a little long. I am more partial to mid engine but can't wait to see what a rolling concept will look like. Nice post!
    • SnoopDoggo
      1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
      Yeah it seems a little long in the front
  • forakzai
    1 week ago 0 P-Nos Points
    that concept looks quite attractive
  • Conta
    1 week ago 1 P-Nos Points
    So Mercedes works with nissan (X class) and now this?? Maybe it will be worth it to have that ugly trick roaming around
  • SnoopDoggo
    1 week ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Japanese car makers partnering up with Germans to make sports cars? So first Toyota partners up with BMW for the Supra, and now Nissan would be partnering up with Mercedes for the new Z? Interesting...