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Ep. 209 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars Yo!

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    If you would rather watch the Podcast, you can do so here: http://bit.ly/2IE63Gc

    What's up my sexy mofo's!? In this week's unqualified podcast about cars, we discuss the following:

    1:01 - Would we buy the cars we wanted growing up as today’s version?
    11:13 - Car makers are doing Latinas before African-Americans…this is why!
    22:07 - Project one going after the FASTEST TIME EVER
    27:42 - Mercedes wants to compete against others in this market!
    29:30 - Mclaren is releasing another car and it’s not what you think!
    35:34 - This is the ONLY THING that we are waiting for in 2020!
    37:01 - Why are car meets having this problem!?
    44:45 - Farghini’s Good News, Bad News!!!

    Hope you all enjoy!

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  • dotgov
    3 weeks ago 1 P-Nos Points
    You missed the biggest problem with all-electric cars. The battery tech is not there. EV's will not be viable until we get batteries that charge in the same time it takes to fill your gas tank. In addition, as demand for electricity increases the price will go up as we don't have the infrastructure from a supply standpoint to accommodate a huge increase in electrical demand. Third, they have to figure out a way to tax EV's since they are avoiding the gas road tax that helps to pay for all the roads they drive on. Half your fuel costs at the pump go towards road maintenance. I love EV's and think they are amazing but we will be stuck with hybrids for a very long time due to these and other issues.
  • dotgov
    3 weeks ago 1 P-Nos Points
    Z71??? Pedro needs to go he is killing the car intelligence of your group. The Z71 was a decal and shock package with no HP increase. Raptor-like comment shows he does not understand anything automotive.
    4 weeks ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Alejandro, your comment about Ford not cutting you a check was so f***ing hilarious. It was so direct and cold, I loved it.

    A TOPIC FOR NEXT POCAST: What's your opinion why American car enthusiasts are more interested in getting McLarens', Porsches', and other foreign branded super cars, when you have companies like Rezvani, Hennessey, Aero, and Rossio that are US based companies that offer similar products and at lower volume, and often a lower price?

    If you want exclusivity and something not many others have, then why a Major car brand? You can go to just about any major city now and see a McLaren driving around but you'll almost never see some of the smaller American company's like a Rezvani beast.

  • dotgov
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Hennessy venom has no issues with tires these are available up to 590 mph
  • dotgov
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    As the original Goodyear and Firestone 550-15 LSR tires were getting onwards of fifty years long in the tooth, Cooper Tire and Mickey Thompson teamed up to make LSR tires once more. The new tires come with speed ratings from 375 to over 590 miles per hour. The deadline on orders for this latest batch of speedy skins is the end of April.
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I want a SVIPE shirt that says "I'm almost six feet tall" and another one that says "legitimately"
  • Flabbio
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Nick Heidfeld did the ring in an F1 in 2007.
  • Henke
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    Highlight of the week
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
  • yaboyh
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    I was starting to think you all forgot about us. lol
  • BoldCars
    1 month ago 1 P-Nos Points
    hi ale! we miss you on the site haha. hope business and life is good though!!
  • yaboyh
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  • jose.tamez
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  • valérian
    1 month ago 0 P-Nos Points
    ayye !!!