Well first of all let me start by making a point here:

The Holy Trinity (LaFerrari - P1 - 918) are all equally as good when it comes to all around performance. These cars are so close together in their category that if the driver setting lap times on them, farts... it would affect that time over the others. It's that close of a race. 

Now, with that said.. I just want to explain why "Hyper 5" was done the way we did it in order to make it as fair as possible:


1. We don’t have sponsors of any level, which avoids us from having an agenda other than to see which car is the fastest. 

There are some rummors flying around that a UK owner wanted to sell his P1 after showing it was the fastest to increase the car's value. Also, on the same channel we have a long drag race where the 918 gets an extremely slow start... why would that run make the final cut for them and post those actual times and not the ones they actually have where the 918 took the crown? (this is a fact and I'm waiting on the "GO AHEAD" to post that data). 


2. We used a driver that drove the holy trinity for the first time, 5 laps each, under the same conditions and the latest technology to measure lap times exactly as we did before. As you know if the driver gets more familiar with any of these cars it would be a “huge” disadvantage for the other cars, because as it’s been said before, the minimum wrong input to any of these cars can make the difference, so this is as fair as it gets. 

If anyone who already reviewed/tested/drove spent more time sets all the laptimes, the car that that person drove the most or maybe "likes" the most, will have a better shot at taking the milisecond advantage on these tests. 


3. Sadly the US doesn’t have a car that competes in this category, so we can’t be bias towards a car based on nationality. Although it would be awesome to cheer for one based on that in the near future! 


4. We are not looking at selling any of our cars and make them look better for that reason. 

You all saw my Huayra place dead last, and the 918 win. Yes while I do have a 918, mine isn't a Weissach car, so mine would've lost to the LaFerrari for sure. So there's no need other than the love for cars that made us put these to the test. No secret agendas, no special relationships with anyone, just true curiosity did it for us. 


5. All of our cars were running stock tires and were customer's cars. None of them had an ECU modification, none of them "were ready for the track". These are cars that you would literally "race on  street conditions", because how often do you go to the track not prepared? 

I'm not saying changing the tires at some point gives the test less validity, but cars change drastically on different tires. I got grilled by Pagani about not having the other tires they offer as "stock" tires, but those were the ones in my car... I can't make any exceptions. 

I think it would make for a very interesting piece to actually have all the manufactureres do the best they can with their own car and select tires, etc.. 


6. While we only had half a day to shoot our show, our data is real and posted here, BUT we do have to admit, we cut around some stuff to make everything look more dramatic on the drag races. There is a shot of the Bugatti breaking against the 918 at the end of the race... that is because that shot belongs at the end of the race, but having the car approach the 918 on camera added tension to the story without altering the results. 

The reality of these drag races is extremely simple:

            a) The 918 will eat anything up to around 120 mph

            b) The McLaren will destroy the LaFerrari and the 918 after that up to 217 mph

            c) A really good race would only be the P1 vs Veyron Super Sport over a very long track. 


With all of that said, I can't deny that all these tests made everything so much more fun, and the fact that we don't have a solid king in the space is what's exciting about this! Ferrari's Enzo destroyed Porsche and Mercedes/McLaren last time, it wasn't even close, but now we got all the big boys playing on the same territory! This is what makes being a car guy/girl today the best time to ever be one!





















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